Meet yourself in movement

We all have habits, attitudes, or behaviors that block us in our healing or growth.  Often we are not aware of these habits and their influence on our well-being and health. And so we live to our second best, perhaps with the vague feeling that we are missing an inner sparkle. What would it be like to be able to playfully, joyfully step out of blocking habits and live fully with your sparkle on?

From the mind to the body

With thinking, we keep circling around that vague grip of hidden habits. Not knowing is not being aware. This is where the wisdom of our body comes in. And to tap into it, we need to be present in our bodies. Movement brings you into your body and back to your deepest feelings. In our movement, our body wisdom tells our story as it transitions us from posture to posture. Each posture expresses the state of what is moving us at that moment.

All we have to do is move like taking a photograph and listen by feeling the posture, the state, and the form that arises in this still moment. In it, you catch the emotion that tells you about a deep belief, a thought, an old feeling, or an emotional story and the now that just came in. Listen to how this moves you in and out of certain thought patterns and attitudes. Your body Wise might treat you to some wise words from deep within your belly and heart, reveries to ponder, a little musing for your mind.

It is these snapshots and words that come to mind that inspires me to collect and turn them into little messages to heal my Self-Wise soul

So here is your play moment for today:

Put on some music, Dance, and Pause, Sense in the pose, Listen and Feel what your Body Wise wants you to see, hear and acknowledge at this moment.