2 offerings that will help you feel home in your body

Last year I moved to Spain. I let go of my practise, my clients and everything that had been familiar to me while living in Rotterdam for over 20 years. That was one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. I felt like a flower that pulled her roots out of the soil. Transitioning from my old big city life to living in the ‘campo’ in the quiet mountains of the Alpujarra was a shock to my nervous system. And yes the soil in Rotterdam was not fertile enough anymore for me to flower. But was the soil here in the South of Spain?

In any case, I had to fertilize the soil with my sparkling manure before I could make my roots grow firmly here. And that was exactly what I hadn’t found a good recipe for so far. I felt pretty thrown off my legs in the first half year. And that’s where I ran into the Chakradance training. The promise that I would ground firmly in my own body and reconnect with my own deep wisdom made me choose this journey. And that was more than worth it! I now stand firm in my own sparkle dung. I feel relaxed in my body: Present and Alive. I wish that for you too.

I still do the wonderful meditations and dance-explorations to balance my basic chakra on a weekly basis. And also in this turbulent corona time it has helped me to stay attuned to my body and feel safe in her. I love to share this beautiful practise with you!

Below are the links to the free gift-pack and E-course ‘Reboot your Base Chakra’. In the video above I tell more about it!

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