What habits do you have? How do they make you feel?

Hey habits, who don’t have them. But how do they affect our lives?

We all have habits, things we always do the same way, patterns. Habits are about what we do, think and feel on autopilot.
We all have certain ways of moving, of standing, sitting, etc., and also in the way we talk for example. And that is good. Imagine that every time you pick up a pen you have to learn to write again… That you have to reinvent the wheel for everything you do. That would be very tiring and hardly efficient. We wouldn’t get anywhere.

It gets tricky, however, when habits prevent us from growing, hurt us, cause tension in our bodies, or wear us out. I call them limiting habits and patterns. Everyone knows unhealthy habits of doing things; smoking, for example, to name but one. But are you also aware of unhealthy habits in feeling, thinking, and moving or in supporting and carrying yourself?