And there it is…
The moment you realize that where you meet yourself now
is not the same place where you left yourself once.
Who is this person in this body?

I am Ingeborg Braat (aka Pingel)…

My journey began there 10 years ago. In order to regain control of my life, I had to learn to stop blaming my body and my past for how I felt and how I moved.

It became a journey that led me to reconnect and inhabit my body with joy and playfulness. Learning how to truly self-care.

A journey inward that taught me what true self-love means. I met everything about me with my eager to learn curiosity.

A journey of self-healing where I rediscovered who I was.
I updated my self-image and learned to be my true self.

And that connected me to my spontaneous sparkling inner being; the woman I am now. Dancing through life in an alive and vibrant body.

People often say you have to let go. I say: ‘wouldn’t it be great to start learning how to stop holding?’ – Pingel

I’m here to guide you, beautiful woman

to attune to your inner barometer
to question your deep self-beliefs
to ask the right questions to your body
to trust your inner voice again

So that you too know what you really need emotionally, physically, and spiritually and can act accordingly

Resulting in:
You feeling happy and home in your body
and creating something beautiful with what you have

Taking back control over your life
And having this profound holistic sense of vitality that enables you to enjoy the things that are most meaningful and precious to you.


By helping you to gain honest self-awareness in how you sense, feel, think and move and learn how to make the right choices in the right moment. Choices that fully support you.

By helping you to take back your sovereignty over your life and wellbeing. And by giving you the tools to be the choreographer of your life-dance instead of being the dancer in somebody else’s choreography.

The body reveals the way…

I see so many women struggling with attending to their needs, feeling joy in their bodies, feeling beautiful, loved, and appreciated, feel their spontaneous, vibrant selves.

I studied extensively to self-heal and out of the unstoppable desire to learn and grow.
I created a powerful way to sparkle again and move into joy.

How do you feel? And how do you want to feel?