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The fishermen

Once upon a time, there was a meeting between two tribes. Cause one was very prosperous but the other was suffering. Both tribes had been living in the center of an island, large enough to sustain them for many many decades. Two big reefs, one at the west and one and the east -with warm […]

The story of Noah

One day, at approximately 23:00, we passed a dog on the roundabout in Orgiva. He looked terrible! Very skinny, afraid and his ears were bleeding. The next day coming back from training, he was there again. There and then we decided to at least feed this abandoned dog. We bought big cans of dog food […]


A while ago I was in my little blue box on a big black lane created solely for boxes. I was standing in a line, between a lot of other boxes. I was not moving at all. “Rather strange, our lives are full of boxes. Boxes to live in, in which we put other boxes. […]