Become a MAMA for yourself

End 2021, I gave a presentation about what I call moving from Freeze to Flow. I will post it in this blog post. Moving from a state of hypersensitivity to our innate state of High Sensitivity.

The difference is that when we are hypersensitive we are very much triggered by specific emotions, sensations, and feelings. Often these triggers stem from early painful experiences and something we experience now re-evokes them. Often this leads to overwhelm, anxiety, tension, and pain. Gradually we develop sensitivities overtime to certain stimulation, places, or behavior. We create physical, emotional, and behavioral habits to cope with them.

On the other hand, High Sensitivity is about a more sensitive nervous system that takes in a lot of somatic and energetic information at the same time. It is about the intensity in which our senses contact the environment, the deep processing in our nervous system. It is about the conscientious process of weighing all this information to make a sensible choice that serves all. Scientists researched that people with a highly sensitive nervous system were most probably born with it.

And although we all have hypersensitivities, high sensitivity is not connected to this. Many High sensitive people are totally happy and at ease with the environment around them.

In my presentation, I discuss what happens when we are highly sensitive and develop hyper-sensitive habits due to past painful events. I explain how our nervous system works, and how we can heal our nervous system to a practice I call MAMA:

  • Mapping your nervous system in the here-and-now environment
  • Anchoring in your now body
  • Moving towards pleasurable sensations
  • Alternating (oscillating) between polarities, energies, and movement

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