Free body meditation to calm your nervous system

The last days it was not always easy to keep my calm and peace. Every time when opening facebook or whats-app the fear for Corona, the fear of all this insecurity for the future that is felt by so many people, just hits me and throws me off my legs. I feel all this anxiety cramping and contracting around my knees, my calves, in my gut and in my chest. I feel a startle of a cry, a shout, a weepy feeling… but it ends stuck in my troat. My mind is spinning 24/7 and my head is pounding.

My nervous system has been programmed around feeling not safe in rooting ever since I was al little child. This hard-wired habit of ungrounding and tensing in my body when feeling anxious and nervous, kicks in big time again in this moment.

Time to soothe my body, mind and heart and pay attention to my breath. To do something extra to support the resilience of my immune system and nervous system. To strongly reconnect with my own reality and inner motions. Time to tune in with the physical moment, the here and now and leave the future the future and the past the past. Happily I can still sit in my little garden and listen to the birds, the whisper of the wind while feeling the sun on my skin as I take in the presence of the velvet mountains and ancient olive trees. Nature is bouncing back and teaching me about resilience and faith in life.

Touched by the quiet presence of this ancient olive trees that surround me and the silent rock mass in front of me, I created a little -20 minute- somatic exploration for myself. It helps me to calm my nervous system and get in touch with what feelings are mine. and what feelings I breath in and make mine. Let’s say I am restoring my boundaries energetically through becoming deeply aware and present with my own body and feeling state . It is a great way to not get overwhelmed by all the fearful and negative media posts.

It turned out to be a playful little gem that guides me back to myself and the present moment every time I am checking out.

This morning I recorded it to share it with you. All you need for this meditation is a chair, your body and 20 minutes of your time. Find a spot indoors or (even better) outdoors in your garden, roof terras or balcony and enjoy!

I wish you resilience, wisdom and peace in this turbulent times.