Deepen your relationship with your partner

A thriving relationship requires constant attention and care. When you just meet, sparks jump back and forth and love seems to blossom and grow all by itself.

The hustle and bustle of the day catch up with being spontaneously and passionately in love. For some, it is a challenge to stay connected with themselves. Let alone maintain a deep connection with their partner. Does this feel familiar?

This is the moment when it becomes important to consciously invest in your love for yourself, and each other. If you don’t regularly make time to really see, hear, feel, and acknowledge each other, patterns creep in that can make the relationship a habit. Perhaps without realizing you start to take each other for granted, or put your inner critic in between your partner and you. Slowly the mind takes over from the heart, your relationship loses emotional intimacy and perhaps you grow apart unknowingly and without wanting to.

Becoming aware of how your relationship is with yourself and your partner, gives you room to really see, hear and feel each other, and open again to your needs and those of your partner. For some couples, this is the time to say goodbye to each other.

For other couples, it is an opportunity to breathe new life and passion into their love for each other, to meet each other again on a heart level, and to deepen the relationship. To grow together towards a deeper, more fulfilling experience of emotional, and physical intimacy. And this retreat is here to help you grow closer to each other again and connect with yourself and your partner on a deeper level

In the retreat Deepen your relationship we guide you to

Boost your relationship: by transforming patterns in communicating, behavior, and acting that limit your relationship to thrive and flourish

Grow your relationship by exploring:

  • How to stay both present, aware, and connected to yourself and each other so that you can sense and respect your own needs and boundaries and those of each other.
  • How to listen to each other from your body and heart and tune into the subtle undertow.

Spark your relationship by discovering:

  • The power of learning something new together
  • The power of playfully creating together in the moment through heart-centered communication, and the sensual embrace of Argentine tango.

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