How well do you know your thinking body?

Did you know that every thought, every feeling, every sensation comes from the body?

So often, with our minds, we immediately attach thoughts and feelings to old stories instead of listening to what our bodies have to tell us now. And with that, we have become deaf to the very message that our Body Wise Self wants to send us.

Our mind habitually wants to give meaning to everything we take in and feel and does so based on memories, experiences, perceptions, and beliefs from the past and the values we hold. And with this filter system, we get stuck in the same groove: the painful experiences of the past. And this is a very limited view of our inner and outer world that slowly becomes our personal truth and our personal myth.

Our Body Wise Self wants to help us break this habit by helping us feel and perceive in the Now Body. The challenge is to perceive with an open mind. By stepping into the space of your curious, playful infant mind and feeling from there, you can step out of the habit of wanting to give meaning immediately. And in this space of not knowing, the wordless messages from our bodies become clear.

In my retreats, I help women -of all ages- reconnect with their Body Wise Self: Their inner wise Self, and create a more loving relationship with themselves. I guide them to listen to their bodies without assuming so that healing of their wounded heart and body can truly take place.
To listen deeply into the body from a place of receptivity, we use the language that was there before words and mental constructs, the language of the body and of all life: Movement

Movement and deep rest, and feeling inward and perceiving outward alternate, as the rhythm of the beautiful nature around us, teaches us. We don’t talk much in the playshops I offer in my retreats. The mind is already speaking so often. We let our expressive, spirited bodies do the talking and allow our minds to take on the role of listener and witness. It’s a deep but gentle transformative internal journey.

And it is incredible to see the deep healing & transformation that happens when we listen to the body and through the body.

I offer several retreats this summer to help you reconnect to your Body Wise Self and get the healing and wisdom it has to offer: