pt 2 Learning lessons, my story

“You can’t wait till life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.” Jane ‘Nightbirde’ Kristen Marczewski

There are a few words to start a question about our inner movement: What, Why, and How. They all hold their own vibration and answers. From being a little child my favorite question had always started with ‘How’? What I loved most about this opening is that it invited other questions to be asked. And that it showed me a path to move forwards. ‘How’ opened up possibilities I hadn’t thought of. And it gave me plenty of viewpoints to play with, inquire into and explore.

One says Curiosity killed the cat and curiosity brought her back. There is truth in that. If ‘Why’ killed her, certainly ‘How’ brought her back.

The ‘How’ question took me out of my lows and back in my groove. It kept my curiosity alive.

It was there in these days of stumbling and tumbling, and crawling up again, that I learned to re-listen to my body and restore our loving bond. 

One of the most important things my body taught me, is that sensations of pain and pleasure sleep side by side. And as much as I can choose for what is wrong, I can choose for what feels good. 

Healing: A movement from anxious hyper-vigilance to conscious high-sensitivity

Curiosity led me to dive deep into the wisdom of my body; my own wisdom. It led me to study body, mind,, and spirit extensively to help my body heal from my behavior. I grew to be a feeling scientist, body whisperer, intuitive, and (inner) movement detective. I learned to embrace my highly sensitive traits and become a mama for my body and nervous system.

We all have behaviors that hurt others. And often the other most hurt is our body. How often do we take her for granted? So often we don’t start listening until she screams in pain.

To be continued…