If you want to feel different. Change your energy

Small actions you can take for yourself every day to give your emotions a safe space to move.

Yesterday I recorded a video about how we can change our emotional state any time of the day to feel better or even vibrant again. And all you need is the combination of awareness and your daily life movement. Each of us has a palette of movement colours available. Our nervous system has the capacity to create tons of movement options to express and move our emotions out of tightness, dullness or emotional overwhelm.

We have the tools to relearn our nervous system through exploring different qualities of movement. Each quality of movement resonates with a certain emotion. So often many of us have only a few qualities left available, as many of us move less and less expressive.

For many people movement has become a mechanical thing. Working out while watching a movie or doing sport primarily listening to the ambitions of the mind. And many of us spend most of the day sitting, confined to a computer screen. How often do we hear our body’s message only when it signals pain, exhaustion or illness?

I believe that we can nurture our resilience, vitality and emotional strenght through movement, playfulness and curiosity. Through playful movement we help our mind to be flexible and creative. Our body and soul will greatly benefit from this and regain their sparkling zest for life and vibrancy. Their native tongue is movement in all its manifestations.

Expressing ourselves and taking time for that is a necessary need for our inner world, our body, our soul. We can make expression and spiritedness part of every little daily life action or movement.

This is a call to live your life with embodied presence, playfulness and curiosity. Hence Life as art.