pt 3 Movement as medicine, my story

That which tackled me bounced me back up: Dance movement creativity. Just as it was my remedy when a young child, it became that now.

Over the years, I playfully developed my own therapy by diving deep into the how of emotion, thought and behavior. And still, I dreamed my dance awake.

I believe that building an intimate relationship with your body is an important foundation for simply enjoying simple human joy. Being able to tune into the voice of your body helps you recover faster, and break your fall. Our mind, among many fabulous gifts, is an absolute storyteller. And as in many stories, it clings to former wounds and its own beliefs of what is true. More so to maintain the status quo, it plays tricks on you. Our body roots its feet in the now and never lies.

If you want to deal with what is going on in the mind, you have to feel in the body and start there. It is where we learn how to read our inner barometer.

Imagine the body as a stage where environment, energy, emotion, thought, movement, and soul dance together. The body expresses our emotional weather with great accuracy and honesty. From her we learn the blueprint of who we are when we are whole.

Our bodies are designed to move with ease and pleasure. If we want to feel our inner sparkle, to feel vitality, to feel alive, it is necessary that we tune into our bodies and choose to be receptive to the sensations that make us thrive. It means inhabiting your physical self with joy and love, and to create beauty with what you have.

I came to believe that if you really want something so deep there is a way. And I discovered that what counts is what is within that dream. Over the years my body showed me that my dream was not about being an excellent dancer but dancing a true, spontaneous me. I could finally allow my body to shake her feathers and take care of her like a mama of her child.

To be continued…