Tap into your infant-mind’s capacity for healing, and growth

In an ideal situation, the conscious mind would listen to the intention of the heart and the wisdom of the body and then take charge of the planning and realization. However, often when we are hurt in our hearts and have developed beliefs about ourselves and our environment, the conscious mind has forgotten its ability to listen. Many of us experience this as daily small moments of frustration, moments when everything seems too much or goes wrong, the feeling of constantly bumping into everything or tripping over -mentally and physically-.For a number of women, these seemingly small events eventually lead to a feeling of not having a grip on their life resulting in anxiety and stress.

When our conscious mind does not know how to listen to the heart and body anymore, it misses out on precious information. It tries to make sense of the interaction between our complex environment and the body’s potential for a response, and a movement, with only the small amount of information it can absorb and process, compared to the endless amount of data our heart, body, and nervous system can process in seconds.

Our body, including our nervous system, has an intimate ‘give and receive’ relationship with everything around us; our energy system, our environment, and the larger energy field around us. You could say that at a deeper level, body and heart are in unity with earth and spirit. Feeling and sensing from our sentient body is about listening to and tuning into the heartbeat of mother earth and life itself and accessing their infinite wisdom.

In practice, this means being aware of both our body and the present moment environment when we perceive, feel, think and act. Each conscious interaction with the now-environment helps our nervous system to attune to it even more subtly and deeply. At the same time, it expands its awareness and grows finer neural connections.

A mind that sticks to its task of planning, creating an actionable plan, and realizing the heart’s intention to create a beautiful life with who we are and what we have, can help us move through life with more joy, purpose, and clarity, experience more emotional resilience and inner peace, and unlock our body’s potential for moving with great ease, grace, and power.

How can we help our minds get clear on their tasks? By becoming present with our sensations and allowing our senses to play in the here-and-now of environment and movement. Precisely this will invite your curious, playful infant mind to the front stage. And this part of our mind has an intimate relationship with our heart, and soul desire. It is our intuitive, creative, receptive mind, supported by the right part of our brain, that shows us how to tap into our sense of awe, wonder, and beauty, which is a key ingredient for our nervous system to flourish and thrive. And it also knows how to negotiate with our left brain and the ‘inner critical voices of our mind’. All in all, it has very powerful gifts for healing past emotional wounds, outdated beliefs, physical stress, tension, and pain. It helps us to be in our body. And it helps our nervous system to change hindering programs and patterns in a safe and gentle way, aligned with our system’s need for stability.

In my retreats and online courses, I offer potent ways to befriend your body, heal your (nervous) system and create beauty in your life with what you have now and who you are now by embracing the gifts of your infant mind. I call it Re-igniting and nurturing your Inner Sparkle:

Self compassion

Playful mind

Authentic expression

Relaxed presence

Kindness to (your) nature

Life as art

Embodying your awe, wiseness, and beauty


This summer I am offering several retreats that will help you ignite your sparkle, tap into the wisdom of your infant mind, and experience more wholeness and flow. You can check my retreats here. There are still some places!