My first encounter with the Feldenkrais Method

“Come and lie on the table”.

A moment before, G. had been watching me walk and make some simple dance moves. My hips hurt and there is a strong tension in my body that seems to have been there for ages. It has been treated so often, I am close to despair.

With my clothes on, I lie down on my side.

She curls her hands over my ribs.

I feel myself rolling languidly, a tiny movement in my right hip. My vertebrae follow -one by one- forward, backward and sideways…. I twist, I turn…

My breath flows into places where my attention has never been before. My muscles soft and heavy. The table moulds itself benevolently around my bones.

I sigh from my toes. …Time stands still…

“Was I asleep? “

“Mmmh you were out for a while” an oozy wink in her voice.

I turn onto my other side. My aching hip… Her hands move me slowly and clearly. I wait for the familiar pain but no… This new sensation makes me smile…. ‘Aaahh’ ..years of tension slip from my body.

Her hands play, she makes my bones dance…. ‘Oohhh’ … my head gently rocks with her.
I think of the domino effect: where one falling pebble sets all the others in motion.

Forgotten is my pain. My hips roll happily in all directions. Like a flowing, sensual dance.
I thought I was flexible but… WOW! This truly feels supple and free…

After this divine session I walk, I dance as if I have wings, I feel loose, I swing! What a pleasure to move again, without tension, without pain.

(From ‘my first Feldenkrais experience’, Pingel)

Three sessions later, the pain in my hips was completely gone.I could dance the tango on my high heels again, and dance and yoga felt good again. I was so impressed by the Feldenkrais method that I registered for the next training to become a Feldenkrais teacher.

Now, 15 years later, every session still surprises me about the power of this method: how subtle movements transform lives at the level of the nervous system and the brain.

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