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The number one Sparkle killer

When I look around I see many people that are disconnected and estranged from their bodies. Whether they are on a spiritual path that pushes the body aside for the promise of enlightenment or whether they are so in their heads that they lost connection. Either way, they miss out on important sensations and emotions that their body sends them about the now moment and all the magic that is in there for the taken. It takes conscious living in the body to consciously being in the now moment.

I also see many people living in a sort of twilight state between being awake and asleep. Just a little aware of the body that they are living in. Under the assumption that the body is as makeable as a machine or product, many people carelessly burn up the body’s resources. Poor nutrition, rigid exercise, stress, little sleep, sitting a lot, being out of touch with emotions and real needs, poor movement coordination, and the muscle tension patterns that this creates, are some of the factors that contribute to further distancing our living body and its connection to the earth and our original life spark of wonder and curiosity.

In my practice Move into Joy, I see the consequences of forgetting our physical home. Many injuries happen when people are not tuning in with the voice of their body that informs them that something is enough or not feeling pleasant. Many inhibiting movement habits arise when we are not listening to our body’s way. The result is tension, strain, tiredness, lack of energy. In the long run, this compromises our whole vitality and sense of wellbeing. What starts physically, immediately touches upon our feeling and emotional state. It influences how we think and communicate with ourselves and how we receive and direct life energy through our energy system. Sensing, feeling, thinking, and moving are in every way interwoven and operates interrelated.

I see many people respond to this disconnection with their body, sensation, and feeling by making a fortress of their minds. A zone that has to maintain a sense of security and comfort and that imprisons the playfulness, curiosity, creativity, and desire for growth of their wild soul, body, and nervous system. Then something shocking happens such as a layoff, a relationship that ends… and suddenly the world is on fire. Their comfort zone is no longer that safe place but a wild raging river of unknowing and fear. Yet many people have never practiced stepping into that river when it was relatively calm, curiously tasting the water with a toe, a foot, experiencing swimming for the first time. By connecting with their emotions and sensations, their inner universe of wisdom, and creative resource.

Increasing our potential through exploring the unknown

Whenever we step into an unfamiliar space with ourselves, whether it is a first activity or an unfamiliar place, we expand our awareness and enlarge our neural network. We access the intuitive, instinctive wisdom of our childhood minds when we allow ourselves to playfully rediscover how it is that we fall and get up, how it is that we crawl and creep. We prepare ourselves for the challenges that life will bring us through experiences that invite us to enter with the spirit of a child, with the awe, wonder, and curiosity to learn. Just as the lionesses practice hunting by playing; hunting everything that moves and also each other. One day they will be skilled enough to stay alive.  With each time we learn through experience and play in the unknown, we learn more about ourselves, our habits, patterns, talents, and gifts as we expand our sources of creativity and resilience, and nourish and expand our neural network.

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