Play as remedy

Play is the remedy, movement the foundation, the body the way in.

Rediscover your inner resources of playfulness and curiosity. Invite more lightness, peacefulness, joy, and sparkle energy in your life.

Give your mind a break by stepping in the mind- empty-spontaneity of your body moving.
Many of our physical complaints of tension and even pain, come from stress, anxiety, and heaviness. The ways we are holding our bodies, emotions, and stories inhibit us from moving freely through life literally and metaphorically.

Through play, we discover how we can move our bodies freely and spontaneously in any direction we like, back and forth. And that this reflects the choices we make for our lives.  

To play is to move
Play doesn’t have to be difficult. By just becoming curious and aware of what and how you move in daily life activities, brings you to this inner place of playfulness. Playing with and through the body helps us to discover more of ourselves. To create more options for ourselves to choose ease, lightness, and comfort in our daily lives. To gain vitality at the heart of our being.

Every time I am touched deeply when I see how people’s lives improve through play. When awareness in movement helps them to discover new ways of self-care and self-use. When they feel able to engage in the activities that give them true joy and meaningfulness. 

The ability to play, with, and through the body, helps us to create more possibilities to communicate and express ourselves truthfully. It deepens the relationship with ourselves and others. Play is the remedy, movement the foundation, the body the way in. It gives us the confidence, creativity, and natural flexibility to navigate life’s challenges and it is fun.

About me

I am a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and creative dance facilitator. I trained intensively in a variety of dance movement modalities, somatic modalities, creative expression, and energy healing. My own life experiences and life lessons, topped with extensive study in the interrelationship of body, mind, and emotions, inform my belief that we are able, no matter our experiences, age, or condition, to learn how to live more skillfully and create beauty with what we have and who we are.

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