Rewire your nervous system

During our life we develop emotional/muscular patterns of holding that become habits overtime due to repetition. They influence our mental and emotional states. Overtime their repetitive nature causes us pain, fatique and tension. The burden about such muscular habits of holding is that we don’t notice them as they gradually become our normal.

It is not before we slow down, move smaller that we discover they are not normal and there is better and more pleasurable ways to move, stand, sit, feel and also talk to ourselves. Mind, body and heart are not separated from each other nor environment. Our body experiences all sorts of tension and pain as physical sensation, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or the pain from somebody or something else that we are energetically connected to. For example many people experience a deep grief relating to the destruction of earth that is felt through tension, depressive states, heart broken feelings in their body.

How to reset and update our nervous system?
Self Awareness is the golden key. It is in between intention and action where we find that short moment where deeper awareness opens itself. Only then when we stop, slow down our movement, move smaller and listen deep inside that we meet the moment where intention and our sensations meet. This is when we discover the subtle direction our movement wants to go in. I call it the tango between intention and action.
And precisely in that moment we also find the treasures for creating other more potent options to pursue our intent succesful. using the plasticity of the nervous system.

Moshe Feldenkrais the founder of the Feldenkrais method for Awareness through movement and Functional Integration was his time far ahead working with the plasticity of the nervous system through movement. He found ways to interrupt the patterns that were set in the nervous system through bringing the attention of the brain to the body in action. He discovered that the nervous system is capable of creating endless pathways and can also break down pathways that are not functional. He also discovered that the nervous system build a self image based on the way we move, think, feel, emote and sensate in relation to life experiences. He found that the key to change was through updating the self image and rewiring our Nervous system through the mind-body connection.

“The mind gradually develops and begins to program the functioning of the brain. My way of looking at the mind and body involves a subtle method of ‘rewiring’ the structure of the whole human being to be functionally well integrated, which means being able to do what the individual wants. Each individual has the choice to wire himself in a special way”
often, the unacknowledged muscular efforts you make are preventing you from doing what you want to do.” Moshe Feldenkrais

The above quote explains very keen why updating your nervous system once in a while is not such a bad idea.

I offer a self pacing course that will help you update your self image and rewire your nervous system by reviewing the 7 core patterns that wire in our nervous system from the moment we are born. This patterns are a combination of physical, emotional and mental growth, prepping us to engage with life and others through confidence, curiosity and communication-skills that help us commune with other people. I will share more about these patterns in this vlog.