The story of Noah

One day, at approximately 23:00, we passed a dog on the roundabout in Orgiva. He looked terrible! Very skinny, afraid and his ears were bleeding. The next day coming back from training, he was there again. There and then we decided to at least feed this abandoned dog. We bought big cans of dog food and went to this roundabout every night around 23:00. And every day he would show up, eat 2 cans and wandered off. We did this for at least 2 months.

One night he didn’t show. We waited till 01:00, but no dog. This got us very worried. So we posted a message on the local Facebook group if anybody as seen him. A lot of people reacted, but of all the dogs seen none of them was ‘our’ dog. After three days waiting in vain, he showed again. We couldn’t be more happy.


Then we got the news the local dog-shelter had captured him. Cause they take care of a lot of animals already and are always short of money, we felt we had to come up with a more permanent solution for this dog. Cause we can’t have a dog in the house at this moment, Pingel started quite a campaign to find him a temporary home. At least till we find ourselves a house where he can live with us.

Via a good friend from The Netherlands, we were able to find him a home. He has been chipped, named and checked by the vet. Treatment for leishmania is very successful and he is gaining weight. His caretakers frequently send us videos of him. He is very playful and loves big hugs. We hope he can be with us very soon.