A while ago I was in my little blue box on a big black lane created solely for boxes. I was standing in a line, between a lot of other boxes. I was not moving at all. “Rather strange, our lives are full of boxes. Boxes to live in, in which we put other boxes. We arrange the around a big flat HD-box. As large and flat as possible, cause that is very important. On that flat HD-box, we see that larger boxes are better than small ones. And, that buying new boxes makes us happy. This is why we leave our box to go to a large box to make money. And, because we spend too much time in that large box, we need to go to another special box to work on our bodies. We do this cause the big HD-box makes us believe that doing so will make us successful. And if we’re successful we can buy bigger boxes. In with we can stand still between other boxes on this special black lane created for boxes.

Recently I’ve consciously removed a lot of my boxes. I’ve sold the super-box I lived in. Gave a lot of boxes away. And had a good look inside my own boxes. Boxes I was not aware of I (still) owned. Over the year I’ve made certain boxes very important and neglected others. I’ve spent a lot of my time and energy on the boxes I could see, but very little time on the ones I can feel.

I kept a few, the ones that will support me in creating a new life. With less boxes, on a new spot. Now I’ve got a lot more space…

I invite you to have a good look at your boxes and, to say goodbye to the ones that don’t support you (any longer). Or to fill the important boxes that have become a bit empty. I can assure you that it will surprise you how many beautiful things you will encounter.