pt 4 Every story has a takeaway

The most important thing about our life stories is our takeaways. And how these become our inner wisdom map and can empower us, and guide us through life. My story has gifted me the pearls of wisdom that now guide me to live in wholeness, vitality, and spiritedness. Let me share my mantra and personal inner wisdom map:

I will be fine. I can trust that:

  • After the dark of night always follows the light of day, and after winter comes spring.
  • The way shows through not-knowing and dreaming out loud.
  • Healing, falling and bouncing-up all happen in their own time when one can let go of holding on to a past story or thought.
  • Joy happens while happens pain.
  • A fall can become a dance and the ground is a friendly place.
  • How you move is how you move through life.
  • Laughter hides in tears and tears shape the smile.
  • So inside, so outside, so inside… Perception is the key to change!
  • Movement is at the heart of life itself. Everything is movement and connects through movement
  • Words like sensory, sensuous, sensual, sensation, sensuality, sensitivity, sensational guide me to move through life. I can feel, smell, taste, see, hear and touch them: They connect me to the experience of feeling, sensing pleasure, connection, beauty, awesomeness, and intense belonging.
  • Feeling connected to our sensuousness -being able to feel and perceive the world in, around, below, and above us through our senses, through every cell in our body- reconnects us to the feeling of deep wonder, aliveness, and joy. It enables us to receive and recharge with life force energy. 

Here somatic practice and spiritual practice meet for me. In our sensuous landscapes body and soul dance together.

To play is to heal, movement the transformation, the body the foundation, and to sense the way in.

Imagine the feeling of inner sensuality as you walk, connect, talk, think, cook, dance, write. I believe the outer movement is the expression of the inner movement of sensations, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and the beliefs that we have about ourselves or others. Through becoming aware of how we move, we get to know the image we have of ourselves, our hidden feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. And most important we change our perception by changing how we move. How we move is how we move through life. By becoming aware of how we move, we open ourselves to the profound Self wisdom (our own wise) of our sentient body.

What are your takeaways from your life story so far?

Dance became my daily life reality, and it took my heart on another dream. Two years ago I packed my bag and traveled to Spain with my dear husband and gorgeous cats. Here, in an old olive grove, I am building my inner sparkle somatic sanctuary. A place where bodies can shine, where women can find their inner sparkle and rediscover their playful, spontaneous, sensuous nature. A place where we can become whole again and dream aloud our calling. After all, aren’t we all sensational beings? Read more about the inner sparkle sanctuary Jardin de Luz and the retreats that I offer