Tap into your FLOW

For a long time, I struggled with processing and digesting my feelings and emotions. It made me feel very uncertain and unstable. I brought me to escape and control my body through eating disorders. I successfully numbed everything I could possibly feel inside. Unfortunately, this resulted in also missing out on all the pleasurable and joyful feelings and sensations. I gradually slipped into a state of depression, exhaustion, and emptiness.

What followed was a journey from freeze into flow.

I had to learn to

Feel with emotional honesty

Listen to my body sensations and my self wise

Observe my patterns in thinking, my beliefs, and values

Welcome a systemic and relational way of sensing, feeling, thinking, moving, and looking at myself and the world around me. So I could weave myself back into the web of body, biology, soul, and spirit.

Recovering my flow led me to train in a number of somatic, energetic, and trauma-informed modalities. The most empowering discovery I made was that I had already naturally tapped into the self-regulating and self-healing capacities of my biology and soul by choosing to focus on ‘what is’ and tune into the natural sensuous outer world. The training and experiences in somatic movement, dance, and energy affirmed and supported me to trust in healing myself from the inside out and from the ground up, following my intuition and own wise.

These somatic experiences showed me that

Feeling better, feels better

Loving your sensations leads to better attunement to your needs and choices

Observing and attending to what feels pleasurable  and easy leads to lasting change at the heart of your being

Wellbeing happens when we start to consciously choose to attend to ‘What is’ instead of ‘What is wrong.’

And in doing so, I awakened deep inside and breathed new life into my self wise, my innate curiosity, my inner sparkle, and my love for life. My body actually turned out to be the very place for connection, support, and spirit.

Coming home to the body and fine-tuning with the sensuous inner world has helped me and the women I have been privileged to guide on their journey home to reclaim and tap in their FLOW:

Feeling home in your body and with your self wise
Live with your inner sparkle radiating
Open your heart for yourself
Walkthrough life with a sense of wholeness, sensuality, soul, and self-confidence