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The nuts and bolts of moving as nature intended

Check out this Feldenkrais exploration to imagine and move

Summer is arriving and Covid lockdown regulations are loosening up. We are free to move again. But what does it really mean to move with freedom?

I believe freedom firstly needs to be felt inside. And so often we create our inner prisons with the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Beliefs of not being good enough, worth enough, not being able enough to… You can fill in endless thoughts here. And what most of these beliefs have in common is the charge of pain and fear-related feelings and emotions they cause inside. Resulting in muscular contraction habits that inhibit our body to move as nature meant it to be: free, spontaneous, empowered, grounded, and fluid.

In the Feldenkrais retreats that we organize in Jardin de Luz, we will explore how our body is designed to move with the freedom that nature intended. And on this journey, we will examine the patterns and habits that hold us back. For once we are aware of our deeper intentions, we empower ourselves to make choices in sensing, feeling, thinking, and actions that free us from the inside out.

One of the most powerful lessons I took from practicing Feldenkrais is to view the body as a family of body members that are all in some sort of relationship with each other, and with my mind and soul. They form a system in which every member has their unique contribution to the whole system. And the body is a complex system with many systems within that all co-create based on how we imagine ourselves, and sense, feel, think ourselves into movement.

So the exploration below will help you get to know your eyes in relation to the system they serve: Your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The way they are able to move and roam the space has a great impact on the freedom of movement in your ankles, hips, pelvis, spine, and head. And they also impact the way we feel and emote in relationship with our body, and environment.

If you like this taster and you are craving for more, maybe the Feldenkrais summer retreat at Jardin de Luz might be just what you need.

You might need a mat or lie on your bed for this taster.

1: Lateral travel with the eyes  (movement exploration starts at 5:47 minute)