Ode to our self wise, our own wise

Self-wise, or own-wise; a word that can be interpreted in many ways. As a child, I often heard “Don’t be self wise!” when I did something in my own way that my parents or my teacher did not agree with. And especially when things didn’t work out as expected, I was told ‘ I warned you, you shouldn’t have been so self-wise. And for years, I pushed away my own-wise, to be the girl that matched best with the expectations of my environment with all the consequences that entailed. By the time I was on my two feet, I had no idea what I really wanted or needed, let alone knowing my deeper why and meaning in life. I had become reactive instead of responsive. It resulted in feeling empty, uncertain, self-doubting, and meaningless. Literally moving through life with tightness, and strengthlessness at the same time. In addition to the emotional stresses, I often had a tensed and tight back, irritated bowels, strain without a clear medical cause. Doctors called it psychosomatic. These symptoms disappeared when I welcomed my own wise again and started living my own life, on my terms.

Self-wise,… what a beautiful and powerful word that is when you let it land deeper. our own wise, our own wisdom: our own way, our own manner, our own inner knowing, our own perception of the world, our own truth, our connection to collective wisdom and awareness…

Our own wise is intelligent and complex; I see it as an ingenious interweaving of the nervous system, biology, soul, consciousness, and spirit. Our own wise awakens in the germ of our lives. And begins to express itself more fully the moment we meet our environment and get to know the force field around us (e.g. gravity, upward force) 

The first self-expression of our own wise is movement. Through movement, in our first months and years, we learn about ourselves and the world and make our first connections with other people and beings. The first explorations of movement help our own wise learn about life. In addition, our own wise learns how to organize itself brain-wise and establish lasting, meaningful relationships in the complex system of cells, bones, joints, connective tissue, muscles and organs, mind, soul, and spirit so that they all work together harmoniously with each other and our environment. We notice this, for example, because moving feels effortless, pleasurable, and fluid and we feel deeply alive and energized. 

The core patterns that emerge from these first explorations of movement with the force field around us and within, also form the basis for the further development of our brain, mind, emotional-social behavior, and deeper self-expression. 

Then things happen in our lives that hurt physically or emotionally. And these experiences influence the basic layout we lay in the early years of our lives. One of those experiences is the encounter of our self wise with society, our caregivers, and teachers. For many people, that felt like an unpleasant and ‘self-confidence undermining’ clash. The first moment where we start to feel doubt towards our own wise and dare to trust it less. 

Our society is not a nurturing place for our own wise and many people have already silenced their own wise by the time they get out of elementary school.

Many of us gradually put our well-being in the hands of others who tell us how to move, think or feel. Many of us let others tell them what to do with their lives. Many of us depend on others for knowing what is good for them. How they should answer their needs, how they should look, what is expected of them, how they should behave, and express themselves to belong and be successful by society’s standards. I was there too.

Without our own wise, we have no personal compass for life

Our own-wise points us to our own path, our own way, our own signature in expression and movement, our own meaning, our own needs, and our own why. Moving through life without our own wise is like sailing a boat without a rudder.

It is not surprising, then, that there is so much fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the hearts of many people. That for many people the body has become a place of emptiness, discomfort, pain, and tension

That many people feel lost with themselves, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. That genuinely being yourself is a tough challenge in this society, where it should actually be totally natural. 

Our own wise knows how to dance through life and with life; physically and emotionally. It has the talent to perceive the world from the heart, to nurture itself with the beauty inside and outside, and live passionately. To tap into the wisdom that our far ancestors already had about life.  Wisdom about ourselves that can’t be found in books. Wisdom about ourselves that we only unlock when we start to perceive and feel life in ourselves and around us again. Wisdom about how to heal, blossom, and grow. 

The wisdom that we can access again when we stop pigeonholing the body, mind, soul, and spirit and instead think in wholeness, relationship, and connection. And that connection resides in our embodied self, which is always in a lively exchange with all life and energy around it. The body that breaths with spirit and expresses soul. And for these reasons, it is so important to come home to your body and embrace and befriend your own wise again. 

The somatic movement adventures in this Feldenkrais course will give you the space to discover yourself again, to trust your own way again, and to put yourself at the helm of your life. So that you can move confidently and passionated in your own skin again

Join me on this healing adventure.