What does a nervous system and a plant have in common?

The nervous system is the director that governs our mind and body.  It is a giant network with endless possibilities. It can rewire itself and make endless connections to move us through life. Much like the roots of a tree that connect with other trees and forms endless networks under the ground. It needs our help though. Just like a tree and a plant will flower and make many branches, grow bigger only when it gets sufficient water, can root in fertile soil, has space to grow, and well if it is an olive tree pruning so every now and then is much appreciated as well as tender loving care.

What does a nervous system and a plant have in common?

They are both living organisms that thrive through attention and through connection with their environment. As a plant needs sunlight or shadow, a comfortable temperature, a place that is not too airy, and our kind attention to be happy and grow, so does our nervous system. It relies on the inner and outer environment of the body, for its input, for growth, and for the survival of the body. The environment is perceived through our senses, our skin and the digestive tract, respiration and circulation, the billions of sensor cells in all our tissue, the energy flow in and around us, and internal and external movement. The quality of nourishment we give the body influences the input the nervous system gets from the body. Poor nutrition depletes us from an important source for survival; energy.

The quality of our environment and attention decide whether our nervous system will thrive and give us a sense of ease and wellbeing. With our attention and awareness, we direct the nervous system to new learning experiences. Experiences are like fertilizer and water. Good quality experiences and quantity are necessary for growth. We receive experiences through our mind, emotional, physical, and energy body. Multidimensional experiences as so to speak. If we lead a life with hardly any playful tasting in the ‘river of novelty and not knowing’, our nervous system loses its resilience. It lacks the opportunity of learning and growing. So if something unexpected happens, we did not learn ‘how to swim in these unknown waters’ and we might possibly have fewer resources available to fall back on

What is not nourished dies

When branches of a plant get not enough nutrients they die. Connections in our nervous system that are not maintained with nourishing input will die too. The nervous system disconnects these. Our plant needs some pruning to stay healthy, take out the branches that are unhealthy   So does our nervous system; some habits are taking too much energy and rob us of our vitality and sense of wellbeing. So pruning your nervous system means undoing inhibiting habits.

In many ways, we have the ability to make our nervous system thrive and grow. We can create an environment that is nurturing for our nervous system by creating variety for our sensorial input. We can look at our habits and create other options that can replace our habits. By regularly doing something new with curious attention and a beginner’s mind, we enliven our nervous system.

Super boosts for our nervous system

Attention, playfulness, and creativity are super boosts for our nervous system as they are contributing to the nervous system‘s attraction to pleasure and ease.
We can add some playful fun flavors to our daily lives just by:

  • being less judgmental about ourselves
  • speak kindly to ourselves.
  • spending time in our mental place of no concern.
  • allow ourselves to be more spontaneous and expressive.
  • give space to our emotions to flow freely and free up muscles and organs.
  • Repattern patterns that are not functional to our joy in being and pleasure in doing

Changes are that our community will greatly benefit from these playful fun flavors too.

Are you ready to create a flourishing environment for your inner sparkle?

Do you want to nourish your nervous system better?

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