What is Acces Consciousness?

Did you know that there are 32 points on your head that contain all the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and considerations that you have stored (in all your lives)?

Touching these points lightly removes the electrical charge from thoughts, emotions and fixed experiences. This process works like a major cleaning or declutter of the brain like if you ‘clean up’ a hard disk of a computer.

A BAR session can be beneficial for countless physical and mental aspects such as fears and phobias, physical (pain) complaints. It strengthens the immune system and much more…

photo: Wendy van Slooten

Access Bars ™ has already helped thousands of people on various issues such as: sleep, health and weight, limited beliefsystems, sex and relationships, anxiety, desire, stress and so much more.

In the worst case, you will feel as if you have just had a great massage. In the best case scenario, your entire life can turn into something bigger with total ease.

What relationship do you have with your body? What if your body can do much more for you if you allow it into your consciousness? If you change your relationship with your body, you change your relationship with everything else in your life.

An Access Body process is aimed – through the hands – to start a conversation with your body and support her in a self-healing process. This is done by tapping into the universal energy and ‘turning it on’ in places in the body. This process helps the body generate itself. It also helps you to be in more connection and awareness with your body.

I work with the Bar’s and the body process MTVSS, the tool of choice. It helps rid the body of almost everything that does not function or does not function well. It can have a major effect on the immune system and joints.

This morning I received a wonderful complete MTVSS treatment from Pingel Braat; How did I get so lucky? Pingel gives this body process with great attention to detail and with a lot of softness. I and my body want more of that. All energy lanes flow again.

Lineke Mourits
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