How do you feel about your body?

I would like to invite you to reflect with me on our relationship with our body.

In our western society, the body is often approached as if it is something mechanical. In my opinion, Western society is very ‘mind’ oriented. When I look at other cultures I also find ways of experiencing the body as a very intimate, sensuous place to live in or a temple, And I find that in many older and indigenous cultures the body is experienced as a place that holds the wisdom about life, about human experience and connects us with a bigger experience than just that of ourself.

I am very touched by this quote of Gene Gendlin

“ Your physically felt body is in fact part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people. In fact the whole universe. This sense of being bodily alive in a vast system is the body as it is felt from inside“ -Gene Gendlin

I feel that there is a lot that we don’t grasp yet about the amount of wisdom that our body holds for us and its impact on us.  I do know that for our health and well being, moving through life, consciously living in our bodies, will help us move better, feel better, and become better care keepers for earth. And there is so much more…

In the last years, I have been contemplating how spirituality can be a part of our sensuous life. How I can weave a somatic approach with a spiritual approach.

Just think about it… We have a trillion cells that store all our experiences, connect us with our environment, with earth, with life-force, with all other living beings on planet earth, with the moon, the stars… And although we may not be aware of all their influences on our daily life, I feel our body has this awareness. She is constant dialogue with this giant environment that she is part of, belongs too, breathes with. And where our minds are often puzzled about the essence of life, of our being, our body knows from sensing life itself and spirit breathing through her.

In the video above I share some more reflections.

So how do you feel about your body?