What’s got your back?

Get to know your natural powerhouse.

On Tuesday, I will launch a 10-lesson online Feldenkrais Awareness and Transformation through Movement course in English

I will take you on an exploratory journey through your back, belly, and breathing movement. You will gain an understanding of the muscles that are active in the back, abdomen, and breathing through conscious movement explorations. Each class emphasizes the potential of a number of important muscles.

You will find that you move with more relaxation and strength as the relationships between those muscles and bones, joints, organs, and breathing improve. This will give you the tools to take care of back problems, shoulder problems, neck problems, and breathing problems that are caused by the way you move.

And the patterns behind our ways of moving are often unconscious and old. Time to shine your own light on it!

Register here: https://www.move-into-joy.nl/event/discover-your-natural-powerhouse-1/

Today I got a beautiful review from my mother who has been taking my classes for several years:

“I have enjoyed the lessons! They increase my awareness of my possibilities of movement. I may be 80+ but I stand out in my sport group because I am relaxed when I do my exercises and I see my possibilities and make use of them! Thank you that because of this I am never afraid to fall or hurt myself. Moreover, I enjoy the exercises enormously and the fine and calm way in which you build up the lessons and present them to us! I live with the feeling that I am going to be 100 years old and I live after that with my hobbies and activities.”

Jeanne Hoppenbrouwers

How powerful it is to be 80+ and feel so vital that you can still do great things and feel sparklingly alive in both body and spirit. Much of feeling older is in our own minds. But more about that in a blog I’ll write soon.

The Feldenkrais movement explorations can be seen as mindful movement puzzles that invite you to tap into the wisdom of your body and play with known, unknown, and forgotten possibilities. You will gain insight into the physical and emotional tension habits that prevent you from standing and sitting with ease and freedom. Most limiting beliefs come from your unconscious thinking about your body and the image you have formed about yourself and your environment.

The self-awareness you develop in this course empowers you to choose other options, which address the muscles in their natural functions and place in the ‘body family. Our muscle activity greatly impacts our emotional states. This course enables you to consciously choose emotional states that help you navigate through life with resilience and joy through changing the way you move.

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