Where do you feel most home?

Having a place that I can call home is very important to me. I remember when I moved to Spain 3 years ago, how unstable it felt in my base. As if I had uprooted myself again.

When I was little we moved around a lot. And each time I had to make new friends at a new school… it didn’t always work out.  I vividly remember the fear and the stress when I was left at the entrance of the school for the umpteenth first day of school. The trembling and shaking in my body, as if my legs could not carry me and my back almost broke in two. At those moments, I wished I could escape my body. I often felt like a flower without roots.

And to overcome this pure fear, over time I created my own little fantasy world and fantasy friends.  I was a very introverted girl with strangers. And I was bullied a lot, so my shyness and insecurity about myself continued to grow during those years.

Although it is often a free choice that brings a lot of excitement and adventure, moving can be a very uprooting experience for us as adults as well. It can cause someone to feel very insecure in their body and have a hard time getting grounded. Old emotional pain can flare up again. Sometimes feeling insecure and unsafe in yourself can lead to dissociation from the body and its sensations. And lead to living more in your head. This can become a cyclical pattern in which you gradually lose contact with yourself, your feelings, and your needs. And in the long run, this can result in tension, lack of energy, and stress.

My heart breaks when I think of all those young children and adults who are forced to leave their homes and become uprooted as a result of war or natural disasters. Settling in a new place is hard enough. It can be a massive challenge when there is already a great sense of danger and trauma in the body.

It took me almost three years to grow my roots here in Spain and to strengthen my ‘energetic’ legs. Years in which I felt emotionally and physically disoriented, suffered from back pain and had wild, scary dreams of getting lost in dark ruins… And it is by balancing Muladhara, my base chakra, through dancing with the energies residing in my lower body and the earth beneath, that I could find confidence in myself, and heal my back. And what it has brought me most of all is that I now feel the safety in my body to embody that home is in my body, wherever I am.

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