Lesson 5 Checking out with a little rolling around and about

“Consciousness emerges when we are able to feel a difference between sensations. In this contrast of sensations we wake up and feel alive”.

I am just checking in with you. How was your experience of this mini-series Your compass for vitality and wellbeing?

How did the lessons help you?
What did your body tell you?
What is your take-away?

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The last movement play in this mini-series is one of my favorite morning movement plays to gently unwind, and energize my body while rolling, rocking, yawning, yielding, and flowing with gravity. It is a rooting, playful wake-up for the brain, body, energy system, and soul. It is a symphony of the concepts you have been exploring in the previous lessons. All you need is a mat, some silence or a beautiful song, and the willingness to let your body guide you.

I would also like to share with you how practicing Feldenkrais Awareness through movement has helped me trust my body again, and welcome myself home.

I discovered the Feldenkrais method in 2005. I was a performing artist back then. And I struggled with a very negative self-image and all its consequences, but I didn’t see that at the time. Until that one day, I took a trial session with a colleague dancer who was training to become a Feldenkrais practitioner.

There it was…
The moment I realized that where I met myself that day
was not the same place where I left myself once, before starting my journey as a professional dancer.
Who was this person in this body? I had lost connection with most of myself. My body had lost its natural mobility and sensuality. I realized I had not only left behind myself but also my most important reason to dance: The curiosity about what moved me; this flow of life in all its flavors and colors, this playful, joyful relationship with my body.

That ‘Awareness through Movement’ lesson on that sunny winter afternoon, reawakened deep inside that need to move playfully, spontaneously, and joyfully and to feel my whole being when I dance. In this first Feldenkrais experience, I discovered how spacious and relaxed my body could feel when I wasn’t judging myself or blaming my body for not doing what I wanted it to do. And that feeling was priceless after years of numbing myself, of chronic tension, low energy, and frustration. My body wanted more and so did I!

Shortly after I signed up for the training to become a Feldenkrais practitioner myself. The most important healing for me was to reconnect with that universe of sensations that were dancing through me.

During my training, I discovered that the more I could feel of myself, the more I could enjoy myself and take care of my emotional and physical needs. Changing the way I saw and used my body helped me regain my natural strength, mobility and sensuality.

Feeling re-tuned to my inner compass gives me a sense of security wherever I am. To this day, this makes my life more vibrant, fulfilling, and easier physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Back to now. This journey has empowered me to help other women embrace their bodies and create something beautiful with what they have and who they are.

Do you want to continue your journey in self-discovery, healing, and inner growth?

The next step could be Learning from the inside-out: a pre-recorded 10-lesson journey which you can do in your own time and pace. It will help you inhabit your body with more joy, confidence, and vitality. You will find more information at:

Have a beautiful journey,
Pingel Braat