Living in sensation, living in your body

Healing, connection, strength and JOY in motion

NIA Holistic Movement Arts


Do you feel the way you want to feel?

Wouldn’t it be great if your body is the most joyful and sensational place to live in?  That you dance through your life with a sense of fulfillment, strength, and playfulness?

I call these sessions a renewed discovery, and restoration of your Inner Sparkle”
As you immerse yourself in movements that respect your body’s way and your emotional needs, you align with your Body Wise and free your creative, uninhibited self.

I believe we meet ourselves through our receptive, intuitive, infant mind space when we invite ourselves to reconnect, play, explore, and discover the wisdom our body holds for us.

This is how I healed myself years ago when I realized that I had become alienated from myself, felt insecure in my body, and lost touch with my playfulness, zest, and sparkle. I made the choice to change how I listened to and looked at myself, to re-story, to meet myself again in movement, in the moment, and to re-member myself home in my body.


It was such a beautiful experience with NIA dance as the most joyful start to the day, very delicious meals and profound workshops that bring you closer to yourself.

The area is really calm with beautiful nature, and wonderful cuddly animals, and Pingel and Peter are great hosts.

Thank you for a wonderful retreat!

Sandra Bernadette - Austria

Joy in motion

“The truest expression of people is in its dance and its music. Bodies never lie.”
Agnes de Mille

Nia, an abbreviation for Neuro-muscular Integrative Action,  is a barefoot holistic movement practice anchored in sensation-centered awareness and attunement to our natural inherent intelligence.

It draws on the chemistry of nine movement forms: Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern Dance, Duncan Dance, Yoga, the Alexander Technique, and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais®. This unique blend of dance-, martial-, and healing arts allows the body to move in fun and free ways that bring health and vitality to both the body, mind, and emotions.

The NIA technique empowers people and bodies of all shapes and sizes by connecting, conditioning, and nourishing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. From my own experience, I also know that NIA is very beneficial and joyful for women who are going through any of the stages of menopause.

Some of the many positive effects of practicing NIA include:

  • Cardiovascular health,
  • A resilient nervous system,
  • Happy joints and bones
  • A flexible body and mind
  • Being attuned to your body and needs
  • Alleviation of stress and anxiety
  • Hormonal stability
  • Making decisions aligned with who you are, through re-attuning to your sensations

And an overall increase in well-being, leaving you feeling energized, full of life, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.


I’ve been to a few of Pingel‘s NIA classes & I can really recommend them. For me NIA is a mixture of guided movement & free movement, working with a part of the body to bring more fluidity & strength to the muscles of the body. It helps with coordination & is a gentle & strong workout. Pingel has great music & brings a real aliveness & vitality to her guidance of the class. It’s an overall fun experience, GO YOU’LL LOVE IT!!

Rebecca Heloise Faro


Are you ready to feel how you want to feel?

Music, Movement, Magic… How does it work?

In NIA, playful cardio movement, free dance, and mindful movement interweave on a swinging mix of musical styles. Moments of expressive creative dance are alternated with simple movement phrases structured to follow the body’s way and to support you in developing a valuable dialogue with your body.

All my NIA lessons are crafted to guide you to attune to your senses and sensation. They are designed to restore and balance a fatigued nervous system and train the cardiovascular system, as well as flexibility, strength, mobility, and movement creativity.

To make the classes during the retreat safe, accessible, and pleasurable for every body, participants are encouraged to choose their own level of intensity and magnitude in movement and conditioning.

Lesson structure

Each lesson consists of a warming up, sustained low-impact cardio, somatic flexibility and strength exercise, and a cool down. You dance to a variety of music ranging from world music, House, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Indie, Latin, New Age, and classical music.

Thank you dear Pingel for your wonderful Nia lessons! You know how to bring the NIA method to life in an authentic way. Every lesson was a party, a joyful invitation to move. Truly move into joy! love Sjoula


life coach

A 6- or 7-day immersion in NIA and somatic dance play brings balance, health and vitality to every part of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. It empowers you by connecting with what moves you inside, your joy, playfulness, natural wisdom, and the palette of sensations in your body.

After this retreat you will feel more inner freedom, inner vibrancy and energy. You will go home with your own Body Wise wisdom map and a set of refined tools to set up a potent self-care practice for your day-to-day life.

An unbelievable experience that every woman can enrich herself with!

Overall this retreat really helped me to pause, look inside, reconnect with myself, feel alive, and feel joy again. Every minute of this retreat was nourishing.

After the retreat I am feeling much more at peace, I pay attention and notice my body, I started enjoying the movements of my body and in general, I feel recharged and reconnected to my senses.

If you are at the place where you’ve lost yourself due to the pandemic and other stressful events, if you neglected your body for some time living in the tempo of the big city as I did – this piece of tranquility and deep internal work is for you

Maria Vedemina

Data Analyst

Where and when to move into joy with my NIA sessions

NIA sessions are an integral part of the highly transformative and healing dance-movement retreats for body, mind, inner spirit, and soul at Jardin de Luz. These retreats can be booked throughout the year as private or semi-private retreats. The retreats help you regain your inner sense of well-being and vitality from the heart of your being. And to reclaim your body as a safe and magical place to live in.

Dates for the themed small group retreats can be found at

I also offer the option of a therapeutic solo retreat, fully tailored to your needs.

All retreats take place at the Inner Sparkle Sanctuary Jardin de Luz and can be booked through