6 Day
Deepen Your Relationship

Couple Retreat

Create an intimate relationship with yourself and your partner through emotional awareness, a heart-to-heart connection, and heart-centered communication.

How does your relationship feel? And how do you want it to feel?

This private 6-day/5-night coaching and Argentine tango dance retreat is completely customized for you, and your partner and tailored to your needs.

We deep dive into decoding patterns in communication, behavior, and acting that limit your relationship to thrive and flourish. You will explore new possibilities for growing towards each other, bringing curiosity, compassion, renewed openness, and playfulness into your connection with each other

The foundation for this transformative relationship coaching program is a powerful blend of Argentine tango dance, hand in hand with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, heart-centered communication technique, creative processes, and somatic-energetic techniques such as intuitive systemic constellations, coaching with archetypes, emotional release, and chakra psychology,

A refreshing approach to coaching

A thriving relationship requires constant attention and care. When you just meet, sparks jump back and forth and love seems to blossom and grow all by itself.

The hustle and bustle of the day catch up with being spontaneously and passionately in love. For some, it is a challenge to stay connected with themselves. Let alone maintain a deep connection with their partner. Does this feel familiar?

This is the moment when it becomes important to consciously invest in your love for yourself, and each other. If you don’t regularly make time to really see, hear, feel, and acknowledge each other, patterns creep in that can make the relationship a habit. Perhaps without realizing you start to take each other for granted, or put your inner critic in between your partner and you. Slowly the mind takes over from the heart, your relationship loses emotional intimacy and perhaps you grow apart unknowingly and without wanting to.

Becoming aware of how your relationship is with yourself and your partner, gives you room to really see, hear and feel each other, and open again to your needs and those of your partner. For some couples, this is the time to say goodbye to each other.

For other couples, it is an opportunity to breathe new life and passion into their love for each other, to meet each other again on a heart level, and to deepen the relationship. To grow together towards a deeper, more fulfilling experience of emotional, and physical intimacy. And this retreat is here to help you grow closer to each other again and connect with yourself and your partner on a deeper level


In this private retreat, you both are invited to:

Boost your relationship: 

  • By transforming patterns in communicating, behavior, and acting that limit your relationship to thrive and flourish

Grow your relationship by exploring:

  • How to stay both present, aware, and connected to yourself and each other so that you can sense and respect your own needs and boundaries and those of each other.
  • How to listen to each other from your body and heart and tune into the subtle undertow.

Spark your relationship by discovering:

  • The power of learning something new together
  • The power of playfully creating together in the moment from heart-centered communication, and the sensual embrace of Argentine tango.

We chose this retreat because it offered couples work in an intimate environment and work in movement. The workshops were excellent in every aspect.

Peter and Pingel are fully dedicated to taking care of you and guiding you in a deep and fun way. Also, the conditions, food, and company (people and pets) were all perfect for us. 

We feel very thankful and fulfilled with this retreat, and it accomplished our best expectations. It was exactly what we needed to connect and recharge our relationship.

Highly recommend it! Peter and Pingel are great, and also both excellent cooks that will cook delicious food for you 🙂

Itai and Agata

Are you ready to boost, grow, and spark your relationship?

All bookings go through Bookretreats 

The Program

On Sunday we start the retreat with an afternoon check-in session. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we meet for 2 two-hour sessions.

The sessions consist of a powerful synthesis of NLP coaching, heart-centered communication techniques, Argentine tango, systemic constellation ritual, coaching with archetypes, and somatic-energetic processes. They are aimed at both revealing limiting relationship dynamics and healing the heart, freeing you from limiting patterns and painful, old stories, and connecting with each other in fresh, new ways.

On Wednesday you will have a break to rest, process, and integrate. You are invited to join us for a gentle hike in the higher mountains, have a picnic, and a visit to the beautiful white villages higher in the mountains.

You will find a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment with space to meet yourself on a deeper level, in your own time and pace. It is our greatest aspiration and joy to make your both stay, and journey a truly wonderful, transformative, and nourishing experience.

No prior experience in Argentine tango dance is needed.

More information about our accommodation possibilities, daily program, prices and food can be found on our Bookretreat page

This retreat includes:

  • 17 hrs. of  sessions
  • A  1:1  bodywork session
  • 3 meals a day, drinks & snacks
  • Accommodation at Jardin de Luz
  • 2 trips

Not included are:

  • Your travel expenses
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Accommodation other than in Jardin de Luz
  • Travel Insurance
  • Additional 1-1 sessions
  • Trips not mentioned in the program

Our accommodation options

Our 1-room cabana in nature with good beds, mosquito net, eco toilet, sink, lounger, stunning views, and lots of privacy. Shared bathroom at 3 minutes walking distance.

Your investment

€ 1658,- per couple

Spacious room in the guest house with French doors, and private bathroom. It is mosquito proof and has a fan for hot days. The room overlooks the olive grove.

Your investment

€ 2497,- per couple

Whatever the accommodation of choice, guests can use the living in the guesthouse. It has, a sitting area, a dining area, a nice wood stove, and a fan.  The kitchen in the guesthouse is available for everybody who wants to use it to make additional coffee or tea. It is fully equipped and our cook uses this kitchen to cook for the guests in the colder months. The outside swimming pool behind the guesthouse is available for all guests from May 31 to September 30.

Prices are per couple and include accommodation, 3 meals a day, snacks, coffee, tea, daily refreshment drink, 17 hours of sessions, a 90-minute somatic-energetic bodywork session, a trip to the mountains, or beach, and a trip to the bohemian village Orgiva and its artisanal market.

Not included in the price are flight tickets, travel expenses from the airport to Jardin de Luz and vice versa, all other travel expenses such as bus, train, taxi visa fees, additional private sessions and trips other than those mentioned above.

This price also does not include special dietary requirements such as celiac disease or a long list of special dietary requirements. We ask that you contact us first in case of severe food allergies or food intolerances.

Testimonial by Tracy and Dave

Excellent couples retreat in beautiful quiet area of Spain! I highly recommend this couple's retreat which we attended at the end of November 2023. I was feeling a little apprehensive, as I didn't know what to expect from the retreat or what it would ask of us. I need...

Testimonial by Agata and Itai

We chose this retreat because it offered couples work in an intimate environment, and work in movement. The retreat was excellent in every aspect. Peter and Pingel are fully dedicated to take care of you and guide you in a deep and fun way. Also the conditions, food...

About us: Peter & Pingel

As teenagers, we met each other on a dancefloor and fell in love. We’ve been dancing together throughout life and on the dance floor ever since. We discovered the Argentine Tango in ’97 just before our marriage. Like so many new things we undertake together, we went for it. Trips to Argentina, workshops, tango holidays, etc.

We have been teaching Tango for many years. First at a big tango school in Rotterdam, to start our own school (TangoWorks) some years later. We performed and taught at national and international festivals. We organized an annual Tango week in France for more than a decade.

In 2019, we boldly followed our dream to live in the south of Spain and combine all our strengths and skills in offering retreats of self-discovery, inner growth, and healing.

In addition to Argentine tango, we bring our rich background in NLP coaching, Heart-centered communication, Mindfulness, Trauma healing, somatic-energetic therapy, Feldenkrais somatic education, Expressive Arts therapy/coaching, systemic constellation work, and coaching with archetypes.

Recharge your relationship! Spend a wonderful, inspiring week with us on our Finca in Spain.