Exclusive private coaching retreats for women

Reclaim your inner freedom and create beauty with who you are

How do you feel? And how do you want to feel?


This transformative somatic dance/movement individual retreat offers you a chance to:

  • Clean up your inner world
  • Reconnect with your sensuous Wise Feminine Self
  • Discover which habits in perceiving, sensing, feeling, thinking, and moving are keeping you stuck in a state that doesn’t feel alive, present, and spirited.
  • Transform deep limiting beliefs and interfering patterns of the soul, emotions, and physical realm.
  • Heal emotional wounding and grief
  • Realign your soul and re-ignite that inner sparkle.

This 7-day/6-night individual somatic dance/movement retreat for women only is completely customized for you and tailored to your healing pace and needs. (This retreat doesn’t offer yoga)

With my gift to feel deep into your inner stream and read your body, I will guide you to make a deep, transforming journey inward to feel what is alive in you, and how it is moving you.

It will be a playful journey in which your emotional wounding will be given room to heal. A journey where the wisdom of your body teaches you how to make a different movement. A new move that comes from an embodied and compassionate connection with yourself. A ‘Yes move’ towards you, your body, and your soul.

You will leave with a blueprint for creating a beautiful life with who you are, and what you have powered by physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, increased pleasure, joy, health, and self-love.

I will guide you using the healing powers of movement, awareness, stillness, body-centered energetic healing, “creative dance processes’, and the beautiful nature that we are in.

Please contact me prior to booking to get to know each other and to feel whether we are a fit for your journey.

In this private retreat, you will discover how you can bring your attention back to yourself and listen. Your inner wise, sensuous, feminine self has a lot to say.

  1. Learn how to transform your critical inner voice into a source of information and support.
  2. Change your self-image and perception of yourself.
  3. Discover a new, healthier relationship with your feelings and sensations.
  4. Learn how to fine-tune your inner barometer.
  5. Learn how to improve your relationship with yourself from the inside out so you can feel more of your true self.
  6. Explore how to feel whole by Integrating body, mind, and soul.
  7. Get access to the power, wisdom, and energy that resides within you
  8. Realign your soul with its original blueprint and re-ignite that inner sparkle.

Create beauty with who you are and what you have by cleaning up your inner world, removing the hidden sabotaging patterns, and by wholeheartedly welcoming yourself

I will help you to become aware of the dynamics of deep sabotaging beliefs, and vows. How these have formed a self-image that is inconsistent with who you really are and affects your perception of the world, and how you respond. 

The channels through which we experience: sensing, feeling, intuition, thinking, moving, and imagining, are all inextricably linked. How we feel affects how we think and act. How we perceive the world affects how we feel. They are the driving force behind the way you behave and move, and how you feel when you let them have their way.

Awareness, being present in your body and with your senses and sensations, and connecting and moving with your playful mind are the keys to transforming patterns of perception and start the process of healing.

Healing can be very joyful. You don’t have to go to the bottom of the well to find release. Our body and nervous system have a built-in and self-regulating self-healing program that only needs to be activated.

The creative dance processes and somatic movement practices will take you into this self-healing zone. The hands-on somatic energetic sessions will help you release emotional blocks, anxiety, and imbalance. It will deeply balance and nurture your nervous system, and all body systems as well as guide you to transform movement patterns and habits that limit you from being yourself and block your energy flow, mobility, ease, release, vitality, and sense of security and well-being.

Are you ready to feel how you want to feel?

All bookings go through Bookretreats.com where you can enjoy early-bird rates, free gifts and more exciting extras

I offer you a very unique and personalized holistic, body-centered private healing & coaching program in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment that holds space to meet yourself on a deeper level, in your own time and pace.

It is our greatest aspiration and joy to make your stay, and inner journey a truly wonderful, transformative, empowering, and nourishing experience for you.

The foundation for this carefully created transformative immersion inward is a powerful blend of somatic modalities such as Feldenkrais neuro-physical movement coaching, dance- and creative processes, hand in hand with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, chakra psychology, and energetic techniques such as intuitive systemic constellations, intuitive communication, emotional release, and chakra healing.

Please contact me through Bookretreats prior to booking to discuss the availability of the chosen dates. And most important to get to know each other to feel whether we are a fit for your journey.

Together we will create a program that will cover restoring and empowering movement practices, bodywork sessions, body-centered energetic treatments, and creative dance process coaching. Of course, I will make sure that there will be ample free time to rest, digest, and recharge your ‘inner sparkle’ batteries. You can read more about Sanctuary Jardin de Luz here

Information about our accommodation possibilities, daily program, prices and food can be found on our bookretreats page

All retreats include:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, dinner, drinks & snacks
  • All  sessions mentioned in the program of the retreat
  • Accommodation at Jardin de Luz
  • The trips mentioned in the program

Not included are:

  • Your travel expenses
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Accommodation other than in Jardin de Luz
  • Travel insurance
  • Additional 1-1 sessions
  • Trips not mentioned in the program

I found my inner sparkle

I went to the retreat because of personal and professional burnout. Loss of sense of self and inner peace.

I liked that Pingel offered 1:1 and that it had Therapeutic benefits offered through dance and creative methods.

Fresh whole foods, set in nature but with comfort added. A chance to reset and unwind, with a chance to reflect and nurture my wounds.

Peter is a fantastic chef who can’t do enough to make you feel at home and wants to do his best to help you enjoy his food and amazing smoothies.

Pingel has so much to offer both professionally and personally and has clearly put a lot of work into her retreats and has thought of everything to make the stay what you want it to be.

Charlie Campbell