An amazing transformative retreat!

I felt really stressed, over-whelmed and disconnected to myself and my loved ones. 

I wanted to specifically do a somatic retreat using dance and movement to reconnect with myself. When I saw that this was a Personal 1:1 retreat; diving into a deep transformational journey inwards, I knew I wanted to go.

Pingel’s detailed description of what the retreat would entail was really thorough which enticed me to go ahead and book this retreat.

I wanted to be in the mountains so this retreat in Andalucia was perfect, the location is stunning.

It is so peaceful and quiet, surrounded by the mountains, beautiful nature, orange trees, olive trees, almond trees and many more things that Pingel & Peter grow on their land.

Pingel is an incredible person with so much knowledge that I am very grateful for. She helped to calm my nervous system and feel a connection with my body, it was incredibly profound to feel this after so many years.

Pingel’s healing retreat is structured in a way that is relaxing, fun, and intense at times; every day being self-discovery. All of her sessions flow with ease and as time goes on a greater understanding of yourself happens. The varied sessions Pingel does work deep within and are transformative.

The NIA sessions were so much fun and emotional at times. I still dance every day, sometimes a few times a day!
There isn’t a day that has passed since the retreat that I don’t think about it, it is nice to look back at my journal of all the things I have learned from Pingel and what I did that week.

I learned that you carry so much ‘stuff’ in your body and by reconnecting and getting to know your body and sensations then past traumas/issues can be healed and released. I feel a sense of freedom now and an inner strength and love for myself.

The food cooked by Peter was outstanding, it was so delicious. He uses as much as he can from their land and creates healthy lunches and dinners.

His guacamole was the best I have tasted using the fresh avocados they grow. It was not a problem at all for Peter to provide me with vegan dishes, I have written down some of his recipes to cook at home as they were that tasty!

I really enjoyed sitting with Pingel and Peter at lunch and dinner times, it was always relaxing, fun, and great conversations were had between us.

They are a special couple with an adorable dog they rescued called Noah and many beautiful cats.

The accommodation was cozy and comfortable and I really enjoyed sitting outside the front in the shade and round the back in the sun with a springtime/summer pool and lovely views. I went in January and still a great place to sit outside to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

The retreat was an experience I will hold in my heart forever and I hope to return there one day.

Thank you, Peter, for everything, and Pingel for being authentically you and for being a great guide, coach, and teacher.

Natalie Rose Roberts

United Kingdom