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How do you treat your yourself?

Today I participated in a pruning course for hundred-year-old olive trees and young olive and fruit trees. We have a lot of old olive trees that were treated in such a way that they are screaming for help. I wanted to know for myself if pruning can be an act of kindness. I have seen […]

Connect with your own wise

“What people had been calling a “gut reaction” turned out to be a mere hint of the complex intelligence at work in a hundred thousand billion cells.” ― Deepak Chopra, The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life   In the short 10 minute meditation above, I guide you to communicate with your inner […]

When destructive habits become our normal

Mandy’s story Some years ago Mandy contacted me. Mandy was a mother in her early forties. One of her biggest passions and pleasures was partner dancing with her husband. They had been doing so for years and were very talented dancers. It had become their social life when not spending family time with their lovely […]

Moving out of Frap-ing yourself

Today I like to champion the fine art of listening before you demand your body to change. Do you recognize these situations in which you share something with someone, or you are facing a challenge or struggle, or feel sad or upset by something…  and without first asking you what you need or want, people […]

Your inner museum

In order to change our mode of action, we must change the image of ourselves that we carry within us. — Moshe Feldenkrais Have you ever been to a museum? In my twenties, I had a part-time job as an attendant in the municipal museum in The Hague. There was a hall with the works […]

Tap into your FLOW

For a long time, I struggled with processing and digesting my feelings and emotions. It made me feel very uncertain and unstable. I brought me to escape and control my body through eating disorders. I successfully numbed everything I could possibly feel inside. Unfortunately, this resulted in also missing out on all the pleasurable and […]

Ode to our self wise, our own wise

Self-wise, or own-wise; a word that can be interpreted in many ways. As a child, I often heard “Don’t be self wise!” when I did something in my own way that my parents or my teacher did not agree with. And especially when things didn’t work out as expected, I was told ‘ I warned […]

What moves you?

When it gets freezy underneath. Today I am working on my presentation for the online Movement and Wellbeing Festival that takes place from December 3 to December 8 (Australian time)  2021.  I am going to talk about ways to move “From freeze to flow” And as I write, memories come to mind of childhood times when […]

From hard to a heart for our being

Today I was working on a new online program ‘From being hard with yourself to having a heart for yourself’. And that brought back old memories from when I was still auditioning for dance. And the journey I made then stepping out of patterns of insecurity, self-criticism, and sensory anxiety. I had to learn to […]

Getting fit through expressive play, the NIA way

If you’re looking for a joyful way to de-stress, feeling fit again and connect, Nia is just the thing for you. Weaving mindfulness, movement, connection, and joy is what makes the Nia magic on and off the dance floor. Nia, an abbreviation for Neuro-muscular Integrative Action, is an expressive holistic movement practice anchored in body-centered […]