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Let your senses take you back to your heart

Have you ever felt totally recharged after meeting a certain person?  In this blog, I share how you can tap into the intelligence of your heart by engaging consciously with your senses to come home to yourself and find your inner peace after an upsetting event or news story or simply after a stressful day. […]

How well do you know your thinking body?

Did you know that every thought, every feeling, every sensation comes from the body? So often, with our minds, we immediately attach thoughts and feelings to old stories instead of listening to what our bodies have to tell us now. And with that, we have become deaf to the very message that our Body Wise […]

Tap into your infant-mind’s capacity for healing, and growth

In an ideal situation, the conscious mind would listen to the intention of the heart and the wisdom of the body and then take charge of the planning and realization. However, often when we are hurt in our hearts and have developed beliefs about ourselves and our environment, the conscious mind has forgotten its ability […]

pt 4 Every story has a takeaway

The most important thing about our life stories is our takeaways. And how these become our inner wisdom map and can empower us, and guide us through life. My story has gifted me the pearls of wisdom that now guide me to live in wholeness, vitality, and spiritedness. Let me share my mantra and personal […]

pt 3 Movement as medicine, my story

That which tackled me bounced me back up: Dance movement creativity. Just as it was my remedy when a young child, it became that now. Over the years, I playfully developed my own therapy by diving deep into the how of emotion, thought and behavior. And still, I dreamed my dance awake. I believe that […]

pt 2 Learning lessons, my story

“You can’t wait till life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.” Jane ‘Nightbirde’ Kristen Marczewski There are a few words to start a question about our inner movement: What, Why, and How. They all hold their own vibration and answers. From being a little child my favorite question had always started with ‘How’? […]

pt 1 How it all started, my story

I am Pingel. I got this nickname from my father when I was around two and it still fits me well.  My story is one of dancing through life with curiosity and playfulness. A journey of learning to acknowledge and be with my sensations. A journey of learning to be present in my body. A […]

Become a MAMA for yourself

End 2021, I gave a presentation about what I call moving from Freeze to Flow. I will post it in this blog post. Moving from a state of hypersensitivity to our innate state of High Sensitivity. The difference is that when we are hypersensitive we are very much triggered by specific emotions, sensations, and feelings. […]

How do you treat your yourself?

Today I participated in a pruning course for hundred-year-old olive trees and young olive and fruit trees. We have a lot of old olive trees that were treated in such a way that they are screaming for help. I wanted to know for myself if pruning can be an act of kindness. I have seen […]