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Move into Joy

Create a beautiful life with who you are, and what you have


Transformative Retreats

for women in search of self-connection, self-acceptance, and authenticity


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Move, Feel, Grow, Heal

Treat yourself to a Transformative Retreat at Jardin de Luz

  • Private coaching and therapeutic retreats
  • Small group healing retreats for women
  • ‘Deepen your relationship’ retreats for couples

Spend a week with me in the south of Spain, to feelmovegrow and heal. I also offer online retreats.

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This is just an amazing place to stay, enjoy the wonderful conversations with these two and the incredible food they make. Fall into the dance and embrace your own inner body wisdom. This is for sure the right place to do so.

Mimi Kolbe

Fashion photographer

How do you feel? How do you want to feel?

Maybe this sounds familiar:

You easily feel tensed and overwhelmed
You often feel like you don’t belong
You often think negatively about yourself
You are hard on yourself
You feel flat, and low on energy

and you struggle
with feeling what YOU want and need emotionally, spiritually and physically
with making healthy choices for your body and life
with feeling truly OK in your body and with yourself

If that sounds like you, I hear you. And I would love to help you create a vibrant, respectful relationship with yourself, feel happy and at home in your body, and rediscover your inner sparkle and zest for being you in all your colors.

My journey has brought me to where I am today. It has been a path with many twists and turns, highs and lows. And I have found my inner sparkle again. I would love to see yours too. Shall we go on a journey together?

I am Pingel Braat

Holistic Body-oriented Life Guide, Psychosomatic-Energetic Therapist, Spirited Sparkle Guide, Passionate Dancer, and Creative Soul. Passionate about helping you feel radiant with who you are, and build a spirited and meaningful relationship with your sensuous wise body. By harnessing the power of movement, dance, stillness, creativity, nature, and energy and by listening from your heart. I am happy to guide you online and in person in my Inner Sparkle Sanctuary Jardin de Luz in southern Spain

Part of the journey of coming home to yourself is welcoming your body home and creating respectful communication with your body. This begins with listening attentively to your body’s wisdom. Feeling better in your body calls for learning your body’s language and understanding its messages from a larger than just physical context. It all starts with re-attuning to your senses and sensations.

How do you feel? How do you want to feel?

Move, Feel, Grow, Heal

Small group retreats

Feel your body again as a safe and joyous place. Embrace your Sensate Body Wisdom, and tap into the infinite wisdom of your body and soul. Uncover your radiating, sparkling self beneath the layers of inhibiting patterns in perception, thinking, and moving. Move from hard to a heart for yourself. Discover new ways to dance through life in connection and confidence as you feel, move, and play with silence, your senses, perception, nature, and with the healing powers of conscious dance, mindful movement, and creativity.

Private retreats

Do you want to feel happier in your body and feel that you are genuinely radiating from deep within? Are you done with not being able to access your inner fire? Do you want to sustainably transform the negative feelings about yourself, your body, and your life? Break with the patterns, and stories that hold you back from making a different move? Befriend yourself and learn to trust your body Wisdom again. Treat yourself to a private retreat that is fully tailored to your healing and growth. Let me guide you to move into joy.

Online journeys

Help your body release stress and move fluidly, and vibrantly! Befriend your sensate body-wise and tap into the infinite wisdom of your body and soul. Free your radiant, sparkling self from limiting patterns of perception, feeling, thinking, and behavior. Break free from the stories and expectations that hold you back from feeling better and making a different movement. My programs of Feldenkrais mindful movement, NIA somatic movement arts, and Chakradance empower you to make choices to truly move into joy and health.

An unbelievable experience that every woman can enrich herself with!

Maria Vedenina (Data Analyst)

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