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Change your self-image, ignite your sparkle

It is my deep feeling that body, mind and soul tell your life story together. They are interwoven with each other and in one human life one cannot live without the other.

In my sessions, I give a voice to all three of them. I believe the three of them each shine their light from a different perspective. Awareness of each perspective creates deep insight in the way you have constructed your self-image. Being aware of this opens a world of possibilities for new choices. So you can move into joy.

Reconnect to your inner sparkle,
come home in your body and step in your light

Treat yourself to a beautiful and transformative retreat in sunny Spain. Recharge your body, mind, and soul; ignite your inner sparkle. You are in the best of hands. Discover how to move into joy.

Do you feel you need some help in reconnecting with your inner sparkle? I offer 1 to 1 guidance online to move into joy.

Who are you? Discover your sparkling self, beneath the layers that you so skilfully build over the years. This online program will give you insight and tools to re-create your self-image based on who you really are. And empower you to make choices to move into joy.

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Pingel teaches an Online Feldenkrais Class, every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:30 CET. These online classes are in Dutch. Please visit our Dutch schedule for the details.