What if the way you move gives you a deep sense of ease, energy, and aliveness? What if you could create other options in moving that outdated the habits that keep you stuck in disconnection from yourself and your body’s wisdom?

Embark with me on a magical, intimate and mindful journey through your body in this introduction to the Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement playshops that I offer through my coaching & retreats.

Each playshop in this series starts with a short lead-in that invites you to think about how you move and what moves you.

Each video lesson invites you to discover more of yourself through movement. In all playshops, you will explore and learn about the deep mechanism that drives you to move the way you do through one of the lenses of attention that Feldenkrais’ holistic learning offers.

In each playshop, you will play with novel and forgotten movements that connect you to your body’s innate intelligence and potential for self-healing. It will help you to feel better and create a more accurate image of yourself. And for sure it will give you somatic options to choose more joy, energy, and ease in your everyday movement.

All you need is:

  • A (yoga) mat
  • A quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

If you have pain or mobility limitations, you can keep a folded blanket or pillow handy to make yourself more comfortable on the floor.

Each video starts with a 5-minute introduction.