I’m here to guide you

to feel how you want to feel

To reclaim your body as a safe, comfortable place and become a MAMA to yourself:

Mapping yourself in the here-and-now

Anchoring yourself in your now-body

Moving with ease and pleasure

Aligning with your inner wise self

So that you know what you really need; emotionally, physically, and spiritually and can act accordingly.

Becoming your own MAMA will help you to:

  • Heal your nervous system and create a more resilient nervous system
  • Feel happy and at home in your body and create something beautiful with what you have and who you are.
  • Feel this profound vitality, joy, and vibrancy at the heart of your being, that enables you to enjoy the things that are most meaningful and precious to you.
  • Enjoy your precious gift of being uniquely you and experience it as inner strength.

Many wonderful women came to me because

  • I make them feel safe to be at their most vulnerable with me.
  • I hold the space for them to meet themselves at a deeper level, in their own timing and pace.
  • I’m an incisive guide, I don’t dance around the hot stuff when I’m guiding you
  • I am known for my incredible sensitivity to body listening and understanding of the body-consciousness and its complexity.
  • I have a gift for being intuitively present to others and use my high sensitivity as a strength to deeply connect and really hear and see people

And I am a pixie; empathic, intuitive, sparkly, and playful

With this delicate tango of lightness and depth, I help you move forward from how you feel now emotionally and physically to how you want to feel and live your life. And I help you reconnect with your beautiful inner sparkling light: A place you can always return to once you’ve felt it.

Pingel is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met, and she works her magic in a kind and humble way. The bodywork session I got was out of this world, and as a dancer, she shows all of her facets. She is like a fairy blowing star seeds your way

Nina Ravn


By offering you somatic practices to become deeply aware of how you perceive, feel, think, and move and gain an embodied understanding of how these four construct your self-image and direct your relationship with yourself, your body, and others.

By providing you with the 4-step-structure MAMA, to alter patterns of perception that reinforce habits in feeling, thinking, and moving that deplete your energy and pleasure.

By giving you tools to create new options that support your whole system in regulating itself optimally.

By giving you the tools to be the choreographer of your life dance instead of being the dancer in somebody else’s choreography.

By guiding you on a gentle transformative journey where we play with stillness, your senses, perception, nature, being gentler on yourself, and with my powerful synthesis of somatic energetic healing, intuitive systemic constellation rituals, trauma-informed sensation-based dance, movement & creativity, and Feldenkrais neuro-physical movement education.

The body reveals the way…

Thank you, so much. It was such a blessing to be able to transform through dance and be held in a safe, sacred, beautiful outdoor space.  I’m amazed at the tenacity of your body wisdom and that rare gift you have of guiding while supporting freedom and intuitive movement. There was such depth and complexity to your work and yet it was so simple and easy to engage, flow, dance, move, transform, and just be. Thank you. I had profound realizations and moments of clarity on deep core issues. It’s wonderful knowing I embodied those transformations. I feel completely different now when I walk and move.

Lucy Hunter

Channel, Infinity Resonance

3 Ways you can grow and heal with me

In-person small group retreats

Self-discovery, holistic wellbeing, vitality, inner growth & healing at the heart of your being

Recover the relationship with your Body Wise through conscious dance, neuro-physical movement, creativity, and energy

The retreats take place in our beautiful Finca Jardin de Luz, situated in the wonderful Alpujarra mountains nearby Lanjaron, Spain

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Bespoke private retreats

Retreats are fully tailored to your specific needs, themes, and challenges.

Retreats vary from a 60-minute online retreat to a 7-day private in-person retreat at Jardin de Luz, Spain, and everything in between.

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Online learning possibilities

self-pacing Feldenkrais courses:
6 simple recipes for a happy spine
Learning from the inside out

Online self-pacing retreats
more details to follow…


My area of expertise

Guiding women how to reconnect with their bodies to overcome stress, chronic tension, anxiety, body shame, negative self-talk, and low self-esteem through my 4-step process MAMA.

Transform unhelpful belief systems, blocked emotions, and a negative self-image. Break with habits that no longer serve you. Find a new sense of inner peace, and self-esteem as you re-attune to sensations of ease, comfort, and pleasure in your body.

Embrace your body as a safe, stable home through grounding, and reconnecting with your ability to feel your now-body, Embrace your body with curiosity, spontaneity, and playfulness. Yes, it is possible!

My own healing journey has inspired me to create a powerful synthesis of body-centered energetic healing, intuitive systemic constellation rituals, trauma-informed sensory dance/movement, creative art processes, and Feldenkrais neuro-physical movement education that can guide you to feel and stand in life differently with a renewed appreciation and care for yourself.  I call it dance-movement creativity for short.

Guiding women to navigate with grace and resilience through menopause

“Through movement we find health.” This is the NIA promise that has helped me move with grace through the peri- and menopause.

It starts with keeping your brain and nervous system healthy by getting to know your inner world and body, taking responsibility for your thoughts and self-talk, and choosing movement practices that suit your body and make you smile.

I help you navigate through feelings of grief, and loss, and change negative belief systems that keep you stuck. You feel energy and flexibility again on a physical, emotional, and mental level through playfully discovering your body’s wisdom and creative, expressive Self. Moving your Body’s way will give you an embodied understanding of how all you need to move and thrive through menopause is already inside.

You can book an online or in-person solo retreat with me or join the ‘Embrace Your Nature and Body’ Menopause Retreat that I offer

Guiding women to age with joy and grace

When you are coming of age, your body is changing and you’re changing with it. And so the image you have of yourself. However, this doesn’t have to be coupled with negative beliefs, pain, stiff joints, emotional stress, or impaired movement. It starts with keeping your body, brain, and nervous system healthy.

With a program designed specifically for women over 50 and my Mindful Movement program for pain-free movement, I help you release obstructive, painful neuro-muscular and emotional tension patterns and change the self-image, beliefs, and thoughts that perpetuate these patterns. You will learn how to help your nervous system create movement patterns, that help you feel good in your body, and emotionally resilient, playful, and mentally fit.

You will find that you can once again move spontaneously and confidently and participate in activities that are meaningful and enjoyable for you.

You can book an online or in-person solo retreat with me or join the ‘Rediscover yourself in movement and creativity’ retreat.

Thank you so much, Pingel! You gently and softly guided me and made me discover a lot about myself, my body, my story, my emotions, my thoughts, and the words that I use: It’s all interconnected. And the journey goes on

Silvia Pellegrino