Movement is the language of deep transformation

Movement is life, change the way you move and you change your life.

Your divine life compass

The movement of a unified body, mind, and soul

I often call this the age of dissociation, the age of collective freeze. Living in the head, many of us have become dissociated from the sensuous world in and outside ourselves. Many women have lost their capacity to accurately feel and sense themselves as a result of making the mind over important or losing themselves in new age spirituality. The result is that many of us feel lost, led by fear, and alienated from ourselves.

Are you looking for a sense of oneness or wholeness?

In the search for inner peace, belonging, meaning, authenticity, and true connection, many of us cling to the promise of “Oneness” promised by a variety of spiritual trends on the condition that we further dissociate ourselves from our sensory physical self and the felt physical world around us.

I believe that feeling “One” is often confused with feeling whole and connected. The latter is what we experience in our bodies when we stop separating from ourselves and from nature and the sentient world around us.

I believe that coming home to our bodies and our nature helps us to become more aligned with who we are at the core of our being. And to feel that, deep down, we belong and matter. And that we are truly needed for who we are.

And that is why

We need a movement from hard to a heart for ourselves and others

Our Western world has successfully separated the harmonious, interdependent, unified, and interrelated whole of body, mind, soul, and spirit. Which has left many souls homeless and feeling lost, and many bodies deprived of their life sparkle.

With the mind on the throne claiming higher consciousness as its own, many women have lost connection to the intelligent, highly conscious powers of their hearts and wombs. Many of us, in the thrall of ranking, have severed our source of life and wisdom.

For many women, this comes with the price of feeling constantly anxious, stressed and overwhelmed, burned out, empty, and disconnected from their core.  Resulting in the physical-emotional habits and mental beliefs that are at the core of feelings of depression, loneliness, chronic pain, overall physical tightness, sensational-emotional numbness, poor self-image, fragile self-esteem, and self-worth issues to name a few.

Many of the behavioral habits, following from this,  infringe on our bodies and the nature around us.

It is time to step out of our minds and trust the healing powers of our bodies, hearts and nature.

Fortunately, we are an amazing intelligent system that is essentially self-supporting and wants to fuel our dance through life. Our neurobiology is eager to show us how to inhabit our bodies again and re-attune to our sensual self to heal, uncover ourselves and flow as we grow.

To address this self-healing capacity you need to review how you see and experience yourself.

How did the expectations and belief systems that you grow up with in this patriarchal society, and the experiences that were given to you by your family, school, and religion form your self-image and sense of femininity? How are your body, mind, soul, and spirit present in this image?

The answer reveals itself by how you move and are moved from within.

It is my belief that your body, mind, soul, and spirit together tell your life story through the way you express, emote, sense, think, feel, move, and hold yourself. They are intertwined and interconnected with the animated, sentient, intelligent life around us. In their unity with each other and the life around us, they were the life compass for our early ancestors and the reason humans could evolve into highly intelligent beings with bodies capable of very complex movements and interaction with others. By redefining your self-image from fragmented to inter-connected, you restore this experience of feeling whole, alive, grounded in the here and now, and in unity with what is in and around you.

Embracing your own wise body is the first step in befriending yourself

A very important, often overlooked, part of the journey of coming home to yourself and feeling authentically you, is to welcome your body back home and communicate with it respectfully. This reunion begins with re-attuning to the movements of your senses, sensations, and emotions and learning your body’s language. Feeling better in your body requires listening attentively to your body’s wisdom and understanding its messages from a larger than just physical context.

How I guide you to embrace your body and help you realign with your divine life compass can be read here

“You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” -Rumi

Some of the modalities that I am trained in and certified

Feldenkrais neuro-sensory movement education®
Somatic energetic bodywork
Intuitive systemic Constellation Ritual
NIA holistic movement®
Expressive dance & arts
Soul Realignment®
Quantum Human Design
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Organ Rebalancing
Chakra segment massage