Peter and Pingel are so special! It was such a treat to stay in their sanctuary.

Their farm is an oasis of abundance, peace, love and healing in the magical mountains of the Sierra Nevada. We were comfortable and able to fully relax into the experience as they took such great care of us with delicious, nutritious and creative food, kindness and great conversations.

Using tango as a metafor to understand the relationship dynamics was poignant and fun.

Pingel is incredibly intuitive and a powerful medicine woman. It often felt like she could see right thru us to the core of our embodied experience and this invoked a lot of trust for me. Peter has super positive, easy going vibes and was a pleasure to be around.

The authenticity, wholeness and uniqueness of their mission was obvious. We were very pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the experience.

Alexa and Arnaldo

Puerto Rico