I found my inner sparkle

I went to the retreat because of personal and professional burnout. Loss of sense of self and inner peace.

I liked that Pingel offered 1:1. That it had Therapeutic benefits offered through dance and creative methods.

Fresh whole foods, set in nature but with comfort added. A chance to reset and unwind, with a change to reflect and nurture my wounds.

I understood my negative patterns of relating and patterns that were holding me back. I found my voice.

I learned to let others take care of me and let go of control. My body felt amazing after all the fresh and whole foods.

I learnt different types of theories such as human design and how that forms how we are in the world.

Peter is a fantastic chef who can’t do enough to make you feel at home and wants to do his best to help you enjoy his food and amazing smoothies.

Pingel has so much to offer both professionally and personally and has clearly put a lot of work into her retreats and has thought of everything to make the stay what you wed it to be.

Peter compliments this with his food and the work behind the scenes to keep the finca and accommodation running.

They are both super interesting and intelligent. They fit together like a hand in a glove.

Charlie Campbell

Therapist, United Kingdom