Testimonial by Yosmary Pestana

A Transformative Retreat: Nurturing Mind, Body, and Connection with Nature

My 6-Day Pause Listen & Reconnect With Yourself Dance Retreat, accompanied by Pingel and Peter, has proven to be one of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had. The NIA practice focused on understanding sensations and emotions and served as an excellent foundation for the somatic therapy led by Pingel—a truly helpful and powerful combination. 

Beyond the formal aspects of the retreat, the atmosphere fostered a comfortable environment for sharing experiences, establishing meaningful connections, and gaining insights into Pingel and Peter’s lives. This not only provided a great source of inspiration but also revealed alternative lifestyles and mindsets centered around living in harmony with nature.

Credit is also due to Peter for his excellent culinary skills. He did a fantastic job cooking delicious vegetarian meals with locally sourced ingredients and generously shared tips for some of his recipes. Cooking together and introducing a dish from my home country was a great experience. I hope the addition of arepas to the menu is well-received by future visitors to the retreat. 🙂

Adding to the charm of the retreat were its lovely hosts—Noah, the dog, and the cats. Noah, in particular, is the most lovable canine soul, and I cherished spending breaks with these furry companions.

Accommodations at the guest house, situated adjacent to Pingel and Peter’s house, were both comfortable and cozy. The open-plan kitchen, complete with a lovely fireplace, became my favorite spot for reading during breaks. Clean and comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms, along with the option of a winter fireplace or a summer swim in the available pool, made the stay versatile and enjoyable.

The Finca also offers really nice walks, allowing you to literally pluck fruits from trees during your stroll, enhancing the overall experience. If you seek a deeper connection with nature and a more profound understanding of your mind and body, I totally recommend this retreat.

Yosmary Pestana

United Kingdom

Testimonial by Sintija Kazaka

Me is real Me

I was just a bypasser of my own life. I needed to start to feel and be me again. 

I chose this offering as it was a 1:1 retreat with the word ‘freedom’ in a description of what I wanted, and it didn’t matter that it involved dancing.

The resistance in the head for changes is a real thing. Being able to overcome it, to participate, to want change was stronger than any small thought of I cannot, I am shy, and I don’t know how to do it.

Pingle was a fantastic guide into my secret world of myself. The connection she helped to create with my true inner self is an experience of a different kind and I value that very much.

Every session was like reading a new chapter and gaining a new part of myself. Not only sessions, Pingel and Peter gave me a safe place to be. Not to mention all the love I got from lovely animals there, especially Noah.

The biggest accomplishment was gaining myself back after 8 years of being a wallpaper in my own life and realising how much love I should give to myself just for being.

Oh, and the way how I feel my body and how I connect with it now… Wow.

I am truly grateful there are Pingel and Peter in this world.

And… I still keep dancing in mornings. It makes my day better 🙂

Sintija Kazaka


Testimonial by Shirley Carroll

Life changing!

This was a great retreat and just what I needed. Time away in a lovely place to work on myself.

Pingel and Peter are a lovely couple, I enjoyed their company and the food was amazing ( I miss it ).

All the work I have done with Pingel has helped me so much. I dealt with a lot of issues that were holding me back and keeping me stuck. The work we made on limiting beliefs has made them disappear.

I really hoped things would change for me after the retreat but I never imagined I would feel this good, I feel so much lighter and free from negative thoughts. I am a more positive person with a completely different outlook on life.

So thank you, Pingel.

I would definitely recommend this retreat.

Shirley Carroll

United Kingdom

Testimonial by Reem

I was looking for someone who could help me release stress and find my inner relaxation rhythm. 

I chose this retreat because it was focused on dance and music. As a woman dancing is part of me but for some reason, I stopped. 

From this retreat, I have released stiffness and weight that held me back from moving forward. 

Pingel and Peter are great hosts and I found that they are brave to open their home and hearts to strangers who seek help.  



Testimonial by Maria Vedenina

Unbelievable experience that every women can enrich herself with!

Overall this retreat really helped me to pause, to look inside, to reconnect with myself, to feel alive and to feel joy again, but let me break it down for you.

First, the retreat combines several powerful technics such as NIA, meditation, art therapy, somatic therapy and others. The holistic approach really emerges you in the experience of reconnecting with oneself and can really help you to transform oneself, to become a friend to yourself again.

Second, the food was mind-blowing!!!! If you want a Micheline star cook, Peter is your guy! We couldn’t stop being impressed and spoiled by delicious vegetarian/vegan specialties he cooked for us every day. Every meal was a masterpiece!

Third, the location just leaves you speechless and pictures hardly capture it: it is in the middle of the mountains, with huge private space, gardens of olive, orange, and avocado trees, flowers and swinging chairs, birds singing days and spotless star sky shining at night.

And last but not least, the energy of Pingel and Peter is just captivating, we had such a good laugh and such deep conversations at the same time. Every minute of this retreat was nourishing.

After the retreat I am feeling much more in peace, I pay attention and notice my body, I started enjoying the movements of my body and in general, I feel recharged and reconnected to my senses.

If you are a the place where you’ve lost yourself due to the pandemic and other stressful events, if you neglected your body for some time living in the tempo of the big city like I did – this piece of tranquility and deep internal work is for you!

Maria Vedenina

Data Analyst, Berlin, Germany

Testimonial by Jacqueline Grehan

I chose this retreat because the dance element appealed to me as someone who overthinks all day every day… I knew I needed help with getting out of my head and into my body. Also, location was good as I wanted somewhere quiet to switch off. 

I felt my body gradually let go during the week. I noticed the resistance in my mind at daily NIA but as the days went on I was able to sink into it and was throwing myself around the dance floor.  I particularly enjoyed the constellation/energy exercises as I felt they helped remind me who I am and what it is I desire.

The food was great and always appreciated for its variety and fresh flavours. The animals were an added bonus… particularly the cuddles from Noah the dog! I felt a lot more grounded after the stay and as if I was more back to nature.  Pingel & Peter were lovely hosts and thank you for welcoming us into your home and your lives.

Jacqueline Grehan

Dublin, Ireland