Unbelievable experience that every women can enrich herself with!

Overall this retreat really helped me to pause, to look inside, to reconnect with myself, to feel alive and to feel joy again, but let me break it down for you.

First, the retreat combines several powerful technics such as NIA, meditation, art therapy, somatic therapy and others. The holistic approach really emerges you in the experience of reconnecting with oneself and can really help you to transform oneself, to become a friend to yourself again.

Second, the food was mind-blowing!!!! If you want a Micheline star cook, Peter is your guy! We couldn’t stop being impressed and spoiled by delicious vegetarian/vegan specialties he cooked for us every day. Every meal was a masterpiece!

Third, the location just leaves you speechless and pictures hardly capture it: it is in the middle of the mountains, with huge private space, gardens of olive, orange, and avocado trees, flowers and swinging chairs, birds singing days and spotless star sky shining at night.

And last but not least, the energy of Pingel and Peter is just captivating, we had such a good laugh and such deep conversations at the same time. Every minute of this retreat was nourishing.

After the retreat I am feeling much more in peace, I pay attention and notice my body, I started enjoying the movements of my body and in general, I feel recharged and reconnected to my senses.

If you are a the place where you’ve lost yourself due to the pandemic and other stressful events, if you neglected your body for some time living in the tempo of the big city like I did – this piece of tranquility and deep internal work is for you!

Maria Vedenina

Data Analyst, Berlin, Germany