I chose this retreat because the dance element appealed to me as someone who overthinks all day every day… I knew I needed help with getting out of my head and into my body. Also, location was good as I wanted somewhere quiet to switch off. 

I felt my body gradually let go during the week. I noticed the resistance in my mind at daily NIA but as the days went on I was able to sink into it and was throwing myself around the dance floor.  I particularly enjoyed the constellation/energy exercises as I felt they helped remind me who I am and what it is I desire.

The food was great and always appreciated for its variety and fresh flavours. The animals were an added bonus… particularly the cuddles from Noah the dog! I felt a lot more grounded after the stay and as if I was more back to nature.  Pingel & Peter were lovely hosts and thank you for welcoming us into your home and your lives.

Jacqueline Grehan

Dublin, Ireland