This retreat was the most intense and transformative self-awareness I have ever experienced.

I am a therapist myself and have gone through years of personal therapy and training, but the depth and the immersive experience Pingel offered was something very special.

She created an incredibly safe space for me to dive deeply into whatever there is, acknowledging, accepting, and working therapeutically with it. I loved the combination of movement, body-oriented therapy, creativity, and psychotherapy.

I experienced Pingel as very sovereign in her knowledge and very professional.

Besides the individual work with Pingel, for me, the whole setting was very healing.

Spending one week in the Finca on my own with Pingel and Peter (and all the animals – especially Loki 😊), allowed me to completely immerse myself into the process, creating the space for integrating the experiences. What was especially healing for me was the warmth, the openness and the acceptance Pingel and Peter gave me. This is something that felt very special to me! Thank you so much for this!

By the end of this retreat, I felt so much more aligned with myself, alive and joyful. Now, a couple of months have passed and I still feel very authentic, much more open and expressive, very much in touch with my body and so alive.

I have no words to express how grateful I am for the work with did and for the whole experience of the retreat! Since I left Jardin de Luz I remember on a daily basis this transformative experience and I believe this would stay with me for life.

Thank you, Pingel and Peter!

Elitsa Tilkidzhieva

Therapist, Bulgaria