Excellent couples retreat in beautiful quiet area of Spain!

I highly recommend this couple’s retreat which we attended at the end of November 2023.

I was feeling a little apprehensive, as I didn’t know what to expect from the retreat or what it would ask of us. I need not have been worried as Peter and Pingel put us at ease straight away and that continued for the whole time of our stay.

Their finca is set in a quiet area of the mountains in southern Spain, the perfect setting for a retreat.

Normally I need to be seeing and doing things when I’m abroad, but the retreat itself was enough and just enjoying the peace of the area, and picking the odd orange from the trees outside, was enough for me to feel fulfilled during our week there.

On our ‘day off’ on Wednesday, we could have taken the day to ourselves but chose to go for a short hike with Pingel and Peter, and then have lunch in a local town which was also such a lovely experience.

My partner is what might be described as a ‘normal bloke’! 😀 He’s kind of old school, on the one hand, being not very in touch with his feelings or how to interpret them. But on the other hand, he is open-minded and will try new things.

He would never have considered going on a retreat without my initiative. He was very skeptical of my idea to go to this retreat. But afterward said he really enjoyed all the sessions and felt happy and was glad we went and felt it was really worthwhile ( so if you’re partner sounds similar, ask them to read this review 🙂 ) .

I didn’t want to go on a regular holiday, as I felt we’d just be ignoring the issues between us and thereby intensifying them.

I wanted to go somewhere we could try and nurture the positives in our relationship while healing the rift that had started to grow, because of the many ups and downs life had thrown at us over the years … we had started to put up unhealthy barriers and it was affecting what was good in our relationship.

This retreat was the perfect place and people to help us try and get back to appreciating what originally brought us together while acknowledging all that had brought us to this point. It helped clear the negative energy that had built up, that our efforts to repair on our own just seemed to intensify. We felt happier and more in tune with each other at the end of the retreat.

Peter and Pingel are a really authentic couple sharing parts of their lives and experiences too so you know they can relate to your experiences. Despite us sharing personal details and feeling emotional during sessions, I didn’t feel awkward afterward and felt they were very respectful of the feelings shared.

During our delicious meals, our sessions weren’t discussed, as it was downtime. They prepared really wholesome tasty meals being mindful of any dietary requirements. Meals were relaxed, feeling like we just ‘ called over for lunch ‘ and we had good chats about anything and everything.

The sessions were a mixture of dancing, art sessions, and discussions. Don’t worry if you’re not creative just go with the flow.

The sessions are catalysts to better communicate with your partner, not a scary school exam! We are not dancers ( two left feet!) or artists but still enjoyed the sessions.

I can’t say enough good things about Pingel and Peter. They create the opportunity for you to rest and rejuvenate and feel comfortable to share the personal issues that brought you to the retreat.

I really appreciate the thought and energy they put into making such a healthy space for healing and growth and making it seem effortless.

My partner and I feel it has had a really positive impact on our relationship and we highly recommend Peter and Pingel’s couple’s retreat.

Tracy O'Shea and her partner Dave

United Kingdom