7-Day Embrace Your Nature and Body Retreat

Create a healthy foundation for the second half of your life and move through menopause with ease and joy

How is your relationship with your body?

Do you feel uncertain about who you are going to be in your new hormonal, ‘outfit’?

Embrace your nature. Befriend the physical en emotional changes that come with menopause, and open up to the wisdom, pleasure, and healing that they have to offer.

Treat yourself to this intimate 7-day/6-night retreat exclusively for women going through menopause.

It will help you:

Reconnect with your body and reclaim your body as a healthy, vital, sensual, safe, and enjoyable place to live in.

Commit to yourself and your deepest needs. Restore your energy.

Open up to what moves you, to sensation, feeling, movement, playfulness, and imagination! Find your inner sparkle again; a place you can always return to once you have felt it.

Break free from old, painful stories that prevent you from feeling relaxed, radiant and happy with who you are

Cultivate healthy habits in exercise, eating patterns, and sleep routine to help your nervous system and body handle the hormonal changes that menopause brings.


  1. Profound ways to get to know yourself better by becoming aware of how you perceive, feel, think, move, and act.
  2. Tools to step out of perceptual patterns, and movement habits,  that reinforce patterns of feeling, thinking, and moving that keep you stuck in exhausting inner stories that dysregulate your nervous system and body systems.
  3. Tools to fill your own cup and tackle feelings of guilt and shame that perpetuate unhealthy habits around eating, sleeping, and self-care
  4. New lifestyle options that help you thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Options that support your nervous system to process and regulate itself and help restore hormonal balance and holistic vitality.
  5. Movement practices that keep your bones and joints healthy, help you move with grace and ease, and create emotional well-being
  6. A clear map of your heart and soul desires
  7. Guidance in developing a renewed self-esteem anchored in self-compassion and kindness to yourself and your body.
  8. Coaching on creating new ways of caring for yourself that come from a loving relationship with yourself and your body.

Let’s not beat about the bush! Menopause can have us face emotional and physical discomfort. This may manifest itself in feelings of dullness, tension, heaviness, and lack of energy. We may be more sensitive, and often it only takes a small thing to make us feel stressed and unsettled.

You may be going through hormonal changes that affect the condition of your bones and joints, your weight, your sense of feeling fit and alive in your body, and your emotional resilience. You may feel uncertain about who you are in your new hormonal outfit. Your critical inner voices may stir their tails and mess with your self-image, mindset, and self-esteem.

All together, this can make you feel more insecure about your body. You may even distrust your body or feel ashamed of it. You may feel grief about what you are losing. I meet many women in menopause who feel uncomfortable expressing themselves femininely, playfully, and in tune with their inner truth., Many feel uncomfortable going to their emotions. They become increasingly restricted in their ways of moving.

Yet movement is a fundamental need for our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and nervous system health.

Why? Because movement is the synthesis of sensing, perceiving, feeling, thinking, attention habits, and action. Movement is energy!

When we change how we move with our body and with our attention, the way we move immediately affects our perception, our inner world, our body systems, our energy balance, and the response of our nervous system.

Movement reveals and heals physical, mental, and emotional habits that cause pain, distress, fatigue, and discomfort. Movement helps the nervous system to restore stability and equilibrium. Movement influences our hormonal balance. Movement affects our habits of eating, sleeping, interacting with others, and our care for ourselves and others. More so, movement is the language of the Soul

You play a big part in this through the choices you make in how you move through your life with your body and your attention.

I chose this retreat because of the location, it being woman-focused and the focus on the body as source of wisdom

I had a beautiful time at this retreat. I felt totally transported out of my daily life and enveloped in a warm, authentic, loving hug!  The program consisted of practices I had never encountered before and were life-changing in terms of my body awareness. I look at my body with more compassion and love, working with any limitations rather than trying to fight against them and fail.  

Pingel’s style is one of ‘show, don’t tell’, by showing us the joy and playfulness she found in what works for her. This was incredibly inspiring for me. Also, she encourages you to find and trust your own truth and wisdom, which is different for everyone. 

The whole retreat space was held so well by Peter and Pingel that I felt looked after, honored, and loved. Amazing food, excursions, great conversation, perfect accommodation (I stayed in the bell tent so I could hear the crickets and the nightingale at night 😊), and a well-planned program… I am already saving to go back for more!!! Thank you so much, beautiful Pingel and Peter 🙏❤️

Monique Warmels

How do you feel in your body? And is that how you want to feel?

All bookings go through Tripaneer 

This 7-day/6 night women-only retreat is fully customized for you, and the menopausal transition you go through. You will be given powerful tools to navigate menopause with power, grace, and greater ease and set up your unique body wisdom map for emotional, physical, and mental self-healing and well-being.

We offer you a very unique and personalized body-centered healing program in a set-up varying from 1 person to no more than 4 women, in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. You will find a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment that holds space to meet yourself on a deeper level, in your own time and pace. It is our greatest aspiration and joy to make your stay, and inner journey a truly wonderful, transformative, and nourishing experience for you. No prior experience in dance or movement is needed.

The basis for this carefully created transformational programme for menopausal women is a powerful mix of somatic modalities such as Feldenkrais neuro-physical movement coaching, dance and creative processes, hand in hand with Neuro Linguistic Programming, chakra psychology, and energetic techniques such as intuitive systemic constellations, intuitive communication, emotional release and chakra healing. 

Information about our accommodation possibilities, daily program, prices and food can be found on our Tripaneer page

This retreat includes:

  • 17 hrs. of  sessions
  • A  1:1  bodywork session
  • 3 meals a day, drinks & snacks
  • Accommodation at Jardin de Luz
  • 2 trips

Not included are:

  • Your travel expenses
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Accommodation other than in Jardin de Luz
  • Travel Insurance
  • Additional 1-1 sessions
  • Trips not mentioned in the program

Our accommodation options

Our bell tent in nature with a comfortable bed, mosquito net, eco toilet, sink, lounger and lots of privacy. Shared bathroom at 3 minutes walking distance. It has stunning views.

Your investment

€ 929,-

Our 1-room cabana in nature with a good bed, mosquito net, eco toilet, sink, lounger, stunning views, and lots of privacy. Shared bathroom at 3 minutes walking distance.

Your investment

€ 1079,-

Small, cozy single room in the guest house with a shared bathroom in the hallway. It is mosquito-proof and has a fan for hot days. The room overlooks the olive grove.

Your investment

€ 1079,-

Spacious room in the guest house with French doors, and private bathroom. It is mosquito proof and has a fan for hot days. The room overlooks the olive grove.

Your investment

€ 1229,-

All guests can use the living in the guesthouse. It has, a sitting area, a dining area, a nice wooden stove, and a fan.  The kitchen in the guesthouse is available for everybody who wants to use it to make additional coffee or tea. It is fully equipped and our cook uses this kitchen to cook for the guests in the colder months. The outside swimming pool behind the guesthouse is available for all guests from May 31 to September 30.

Prices include accommodation, 3 meals a day, snacks, coffee, tea, daily refreshment drink, 17 hours of sessions, a 90-minute somatic-energetic bodywork session, a trip to the mountains, or beach, and a trip to the bohemian village Orgiva and its artisanal market.

Not included in the price are flight tickets, travel expenses from the airport to Jardin de Luz and vice versa, all other travel expenses such as bus, train, taxi visa fees, additional private sessions and trips other than those mentioned above.

This price also does not include special dietary requirements such as celiac disease or a long list of special dietary requirements. We ask that you contact us first in case of severe food allergies or food intolerances.

A retreat for resourcing, resting, and challenging yourself

I wanted to get out of my head and find some confidence in my body. I was pulled toward this retreat as it focused on movement and creativity, both things that feel I need more of in my life. The background of the teacher, the location of the retreat, as well as the rural feeling given in the photos all attracted me.

We moved and danced twice a day, often in ways that my body wasn’t used to. This was very liberating, and I’ve come home feeling more of a connection with my body.

There were daily (creative, reflective) sessions, along the theme of the day, which fed into the evening dance session. I felt challenged emotionally at several points, but I also always felt supported and safe. 

The food was also excellent – healthy, colorful, and carefully prepared – so I also feel healthy, as well as motivated to try new dishes at home.

The retreat is pretty intimate. We were two and were effectively welcomed into Pingel and Peter’s home, and made to feel like part of the family (along with dog, cats, and chickens). They were very attentive to our requests.

It was a privilege to be invited onto their beautiful farm and to share their dream with them, if only for a few days.

Catherine Stoneman