I wanted to go on this retreat because I wanted to feel more in touch with myself and more connected to my body.

I selected this one because Pingel is a somatic wellbeing specialist which made her the perfect choice. 

The time away from real life gave me the chance to focus fully on myself and disconnect. I’ve enjoyed the activities and Pingel’s guidance in this retreat.

My desired outcome was accomplished as I have tapped into my body wisdom, a practice that I will continue to engage in and expand.

I fully enjoyed the whole process, from how helpful Pingel was at the start of it to meeting her in person and realising how great and warm she is. I felt safe opening up to her from the get-go which is not something that happens often.

The location is lovely, far away from the busyness of life. A place you can relax and be in the company of many furry friends and kind people.

The meals were delicious and varied, the homemade chocolate was truly a treat. I’m looking forward to replicating the crispy tofu fingers at home.

Also, the hike in the Sierra Nevada mountains was really beautiful. There are many memories I will hold dear from this retreat for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Pingel, for all you have done and all you do in supporting people to find their way home back to themselves. You are one of a kind :). 

Izabela Cojanu

Barcelona, Spain