“Focus on your difficulties and you have difficulties for life.” (Moshe Feldenkrais)

Yesterday I prepared a Feldenkrais awareness through movement explorations for a little group of people of all leaps of life. An exploration to release tension in the neck and shoulders and free the head and spine.
Tension and blockages in the body often are good companions of thinking in difficulties. They are very attracted to each other. If they didn’t think and act the way they do, they would probably dance a very passionate tango.

I have this little exploration of 1 minute to think about something that is fairly unknown to you. Maybe you have a dream you want to realize… What are the first things that come up when you think of the possibility that your dream could be a reality?

Are you thinking:

  • I think I can’t do it.
  • What happens if it goes wrong?
  • I think I am not good enough.
  • It is too difficult, there are only challenges because of this and that, etc

Or are you thinking:

  • What is all possible?
  • I am going to sort this and that out.
  • I am going to learn this, discover that…etc
  • How can I connect the dots?
  • I have never done this before so I think I can do it

And feel in your body (whatever way you think) what happens. What do you feel in your belly, your jaw, your neck, and shoulders?  Your lower back, and the connection of your feet with the ground? Just experiment with different thoughts…

Feldenkrais explorations are designed to help the nervous system create new possibilities and connections. The nervous system has the ability to create endlessly when we bring the right input: creativity, curiosity, quantity, quality, variation, and quality. And when this happens we move on a highway towards unlocking our full potential.

My inner sparkle feeds on dancing the highway of my potential and so I pay close attention to what I feed my mind with.

Where do you focus on today?