I chose this retreat because of the location, it being woman-focused and the focus on the body as a source of wisdom.

I had a beautiful time at this retreat. I felt totally transported out of my daily life and enveloped in a warm, authentic, loving hug!  The program consisted of practices I had never encountered before and were life-changing in terms of my body awareness. I look at my body with more compassion and love, working with any limitations rather than trying to fight against them and fail.  

Pingel’s style is one of ‘show, don’t tell’, by showing us the joy and playfulness she found in what works for her. This was incredibly inspiring for me. Also, she encourages you to find and trust your own truth and wisdom, which is different for everyone. 

The whole retreat space was held so well by Peter and Pingel that I felt looked after, honored, and loved. Amazing food, excursions, great conversation, perfect accommodation (I stayed in the bell tent so I could hear the crickets and the nightingale at night 😊) and a well-planned program… I am already saving to go back for more!!! Thank you so much, beautiful Pingel and Peter 

Monique Warmels

Midwife, United Kingdom